2012 Mayan Year of Destiny: Why the Mayan Calendar Marks the Year 2012 as Humanitys Appointment with

Mayan Year of Destiny: Why the Mayan Calendar Marks the Year as Humanity's Appointment with Destiny and Global Change! eBook: Adrian.
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It is time to see and know and become aware of how we can participate directly in this great transformation process, inside of ourselves and in our shared world, from the energies we transmit through our feelings and intentions, to the details of our lifestyle choices. The New Cycle that is to emerge is founded on us awakening to the beauty and responsibility of our interconnectedness. Every one of us has a piece in this cosmic puzzle, and we must help each other find our heart's guidance in these mysterious times.

As we recognize we are in a Global Healing Crisis, we can shake off the wounded victim mentality, and arise as Medicine Warriors, here to do the necessary work to help lay the ground for a New Era to root, conscious of our obligations to future generations. Carlos Barrios, who was trained as an Ajq'ij in the Maya tradition, has this to share in regards to Now is the time to awaken and take action The prophesized changes are going to happen, but our attitude and actions determine how harsh or mild they are. Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet The greatest wisdom is in simplicity.

Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness.

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It's not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It's encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find you heart, and you will find your way. It is said that the world we are ending is the one that is dominated by materialism and ego consciousness, therefore it may be that the world to follow will be founded on different values that honor the spirit of the interdependence of all of life.

There are ideas in the collective mind that we are at the "end of the world as we know it," which may be linked with its other association of heralding "the end of linear time. This entire region is embraced by what astronomers call the 'nuclear bulge' of the Galactic Center—the center of our Milky Way galaxy. As any amateur astronomer or naked-eye star gazer knows, this nuclear bulge is recognizable without the aid of radio telescopes.

It is wider and brighter than other parts of the Milky Way. So, in a general sense we can also say that the alignment in is an alignment between the December solstice sun and the Galactic Center. However, since the nuclear bulge is quite large, this definition is not as precise as saying "the alignment of the December solstice sun with the galactic equator," which occurs in the range - This is the alignment zone I refer to with the term "era The consensus seems to be that it is important we consider solar flares as potentially very important components in thistransformation.

As we can honor that on this day, the Ancient 5, year Long Count Odometer of the Maya resets itself at As we align our intentions and hearts on this day, let us realize that rather than instant-enlightenment, serving as instruments of a New World Era is a lifetime position that will keep flowering through our dedication, sincerity and discipline to live in harmony with our greatest potential. The events of our shared planetary journey will keep revealing themselves, there are so many variables no one can predict our course, it's all up to how conscious we can become as a species The Maya, the world's supreme timekeepers.

At their peak, roughly years ago, the Ancient Maya utilized 20 calendars simultaneously - weaving a holistic system that tracked small cycles and vast cycles. From sunspots, to eras of consciousness, Venus patterns to eclipses, agriculture to prophecy, their calendars unite biological, physical cycles with invisible cycles, earth cycles with galactic cycles - using the mathematics of Nature which shows us the microscosm mirrors the macrocosm. The research of John Major Jenkins reveals the Maya birthplace of this calendar system as Izapa , which is located near the Guatemala border in the Mexican State of Chiapas.

According to this calendar, Earth entered a new "creation cycle" on August 11, BC which is written in long count notation as This cycle is 1,, days long, and every day from that beginning point was measured in terms of Mayan cycles called kin, uinal, tun, katuns and baktuns. Many ancient Mayan monuments are carved with long count dates as this is the way they tracked huge cycles of time and kept chronological records of important historical events. On the Long Count Calendar, December 20, would be written as At the completion of the cycle, December 21, the cosmic odometer resets and we return to Some MesoAmerican systems say at that point of the New Cycle, we will be starting the 5th World cycle, whereas others say we will be beginning the 6th Sun.

You can see how many Maya Ceremonial Centers are perfectly and geometrically aligned and the distances between one another were mathematically calculated so that they were the same. Thus, when we performed a ritual in any of the Mayan temples, it would resonate mathematically in all the other temples.

In ancient cosmology, ether is understood as the fifth element that filled all space beyond the sphere of the moon, constituting the substance of the stars and planets! Maya Elder Hunbatz Men shares: We did not come this far through the burden of time and space to end it in this way. We are here to be victorious. We are here to witness and participate in the great celebration. How can we believe so little of ourselves that we feel we are just blowing in the wind, as if by accident, just witnessing or being a victim of this reality.

The big issues we face today on Mother Earth are directly related to our lack of self-esteem. Isn't it funny that clearing up old self-esteem issues could save the Planet! We need to realize, honor and respect our creative force and realize we are creators. We hold this reality together. We are the keepers of the Earth.

When we truly honor ourselves and our awesome creative power we will again live in a sacred way where we honor all life. We are living on the edge. We are living between worlds.

How we live, the choices we make, the sensitivities we develop, and our love and honor for all life will see us through. Jose Arguelles is the man who is responsible for "turning the eyes of the world to the Maya. As a key point, Mayan Factor was published with the specific intention of alerting everyone to a very important event in which he referred to as "The Harmonic Convergence. Arguelles, on Aug , we completed Quetzalcoatl's Prophecy of the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells. Each of the cycles was 52 years long. The 13 Heavens began in AD right at the close of the Classic Maya era and the 9 Hells began in , which exactly coincided with when Cortez landed in Mexico and began conquering the indigenous people.

The actual event of the Harmonic Convergence was the world's first globally synchronized prayer and meditation for peace event orchestrated pre-internet! Arguelles, as well as several indigenous elders, point to the Harmonic Convergence of as being a critical point within the larger Mayan Prophecy, as it triggered the final chapter of the Great Cycle - the period of Arguelles points out this important moment of fulfilling Quetzalcoatl's Prophecy was reflected by the appearance of SuperNova A, the first to have occurred in over years.

Shown on the left, he calls it the Quetzalcoatl SuperNova. Arguelles clarifies that the term "Harmonic Convergence" should be thought of as referring to this entire year process. This last segment is seem as a phase in which we are truly "in-between" worlds. In other words, the old paradigm world founded on ignorance, fear and separation is in process of dying and fighting for its life, and the new paradigm world founded on wisdom and conscious interconnection is descending into our inner worlds bringing great inspiration, but it does not really have any concrete footing in our outer world yet.

In these times there is ever-growing awareness and innovative solutions emerging, but the tension of the opposites is great as the forces of the old paradigm are still trying to obscure the light and suppress the new cultural models and sustainable lifestyle systems that are seeking to take root. In this in-between phase that we are in right now, we feel and see the manifestation of great extremes. It is said by many that the acceleration process we are currently in will continue exponentiating its intensity, and that the great challenges and immense obstacles may continue to surmount as we deepen in this internal and external process of shifting World Ages.

Rather than making specific claims about what life might be like on the other side of a certain date, it is about having a larger context for these times we are in, a comprehension of this era of great cosmic testing. Knowing that we are enduring the closing of a huge cycle can give us great compassion and courage to perservere.

Rather than putting all our attention on the old civilizational constructs that are dying and gasping for breath, let us direct our attention to that which is seeking to be born through us, calling to us from the inside out. Let us not be surprised or intimidated by the darkness of these times, rather let us look to the light that is dawning within our hearts , knowing that the flowering of our human consciousness is guiding us to incarnate a new era of harmony upon our Earth. During this winow of oppotunity we are asked to confront the reality that our human-planetary equation has become out of balance.

At this point in the cycle, humanity's collective conscience is calling to us all. We can no longer overlook the many design flaws inherent in our modern lifestyles that dangerously neglect to account for our interdependence with Nature in all its forms. We are being inspired to transform our self-centered materialism into a respect for life, moving from ignorance to awareness.

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As we become increasingly aware of how we are each personally impacting our global culture, we realize our responsibility to awaken so that we can participate lucidly in this process. This awakening process we are in is a whole-systems one. To survive and thrive in the face of all the shifts that are upon us, our only real option is for us to personally and collectively change, shift, grow, evolve, mutate into a more aware species that is increasingly dedicated and courageously becoming conscious of how to operate on earth in greater harmony with the One Sphere of Life.

We need each other in this process, our work together is to refine our choices and attitudes, knowing we affect each other intimately, and all our Relations. As we ponder what the Mayan codes in stone may signify in our lives, let us keep in mind that the calendars of the Ancient Maya are understood to be communicating not just physical cycles, but mental and spiritual cycles of unfolding as well.

Let us hold the possibility that the completion of this vast cycle of time is signalling an emerging human willingness to align with participating in a world of health and harmony for all. It is clear that we are being called to re-define our human culture, so that we understand our roles as stewards of our Earth and creative emenations of an evolutionary spiral of consciousness that is unfolding in natural time.

As we are receptively learning how to cooperate once again with the Laws of Nature, remembering our interdependance, we are opening to our deepest potential as a species, stepping into our power as creative artists here to beautify our shared Life! What is the connection between calendars and consciousness?

A calendar is a lens through which we perceive our world. As the ancient Buddhist teaching states: It is wise to understand that the calendars that guide a society are a lens which create a framework of human perception, and therefore human culture. When we look through the lens of the ancient Long Count Calendar of the Maya, we see that we are nearing the transition from one world epoch to the next.

From this vantage, all the signs of this process can be found as clearly evident to us. Without question, we are living in unprecedented times. In this modern moment, things have never been so accelerated as they are now, changed as fast as they are now, and there has never been so much at stake in how we collectively navigate the opportunities of this now. Conversely, when we look through the lens of our modern month calendar - what do we see? This commonly accepted framework of time generally has us referencing all the days of our lives in terms of the nearest commerical holidays on the rise, and whether or not it's a workday or a weekend.

What is the date? Oh, it's Saturday, October 24, This lens highlights that it's supposedly been years since the birth of Jesus and that in the United States at least they are nearing Halloween, which of course means Thanksgiving and Christmas are soon to follow. It's Saturday, so there is a collective license to party and unwind before heading back to the grind on Monday.

The ever-inspiring grid of month Gregorian time. As a society in great need of self-reflection and transformation, it is important that we ask - does this calendar lens offer us any real inspiration or cosmic direction? Does it remind us of our truest nature or move us to contemplate the meaning and purpose of our lives? Does it guide us to synchronize in harmony with the cycles of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars?

Does it orient us towards sensing and respecting the sacred nature of all existence? Does it guide us to connect to our deepest potential? One might think it is impossible for a calendar to serve in these ways - but think again, because as a global society, we have simply been conditioned by the unquestioned use of the irregular, month calendar lens to accept its limitations and linear script of reality as the only language and reference point for relating to time and navigating its cycles. However, we are outgrowing its outdated program. As an evolving humanity, we need to transcend these calendrical confines and look at our time on this Earth through a new lens which serves us better at this crucial moment we find ourselves in!

With that in mind, let us highlight the work of Dr. Jose Arguelles who is one of the main people responsible for alerting humanity to the treasures and wisdom of the ancient Mayan time science. Arguelles has dedicated his life to helping people understand the central role that calendars play in affecting our consciousness, instilling societal programs, steering our culture, and upholding paradigms. Having invested decades of study into the ancient Maya and their calendars,mathematics, prophecies and cosmology, he declares that the essential message of the prophecy is the need for humanity to move into a new paradigm by Returning To Living In Natural Time.

Arguelles has illuminated the world regarding the history and affect that the Month calendar has had on narrowing and stunting our perceptions, and his vast body of work is founded on what he calls "The Discovery of the Law of Time. Arguelles reminds us that we are the only species that is living and operating by a man-made sense of time that has actually placed us apart from and out of phase the rest of the Biosphere. Arguelles' findings demonstrate that the mentality engendered by artificial time is summarized by the motto "Time is Money," keeping us locked into a destructive, materialistic paradigm, to the detriment of the rest of the natural world.

Arguelles' prescription for returning to harmony and laying the foundation for a new cultural program and paradigm is to align ourselves with the "natural timing frequency," called the " The Moon Year is understood as a Spiral in which each month is days long. As a truly life-changing tool, this new time lens is a solar-lunar-galactic calendar that is based on a universal application of the mathematics of the Ancient Mayan Calendar system. Rather than being a traditional Mayan Calendar that connects one specifically to the culture of the Maya people and their lands, history and religion, the Month Calendar is specifically designed as a map to guide modern humanity to live in harmony with the natural time frequency, and thus awaken out of our destructive modern paradigm of materialsm and disconnection from nature.

Jose Arguelles writes in "Time and The Technosphere: Therefore, within the prophecies of the Chilam Balam they laid the seeds of their own reconstruction - but not simply as Maya. The reconstruction had to be planetary, for their destruction in the sixteenth century was also an act of planetary consequence - the plunging of the entire world into the prison of artificial, mechanized time. The fulfillment of the prophecies along with the new dispensation of time The Moon Calendar had to occur before the end of the cycle, Part of the power of this new calendar is that it unites the secular and the sacred.

The Month calendar offers us a practical way to replace the month model by giving us a new way to relate to our year cycle, and the passing of months and weeks - entirely transforming our perception! For as we live in natural time, the natural order of life reveals its patterns and synchroncities become more conscious! As a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern revelation, this new calendar is offering us a new lens, a new context, a new paradigm model to support the unfolding of a new culture that is in phase with the intelligence of nature.

Truly, it is easier than it may sound to learn the basics of this new time system. As we learn this new language of harmony, we realize that not only are the codes of natural time alive - speaking and revealing themselves through the calendar - but they themselves are reflections of nature's codes that live with our own bodies and minds! The 20 glyphs and 13 Tones of Creation, which are the foundation of the ancient Maya time science, are correlated to our 20 fingers and toes and 13 main joints in our bodies! How does the Ancient Mayan Calendar Cycle reflect the larger picture of this planetary transformation process we are in right now?

This image shows Dr.

Arguelles' revelation of the 13 Baktun Cycle of the Ancient Maya as a fractal time map depicting the progressive unfolding of all of recorded History. Click here to view this image large. Since then, as a human community, we have been in an ongoing acceleration process known as Civilization. Jose Arguelles writes in Time and The Technosphere: If the beginning of history was so accurately placed, then must not the end of history, December 21, also be as accurate?

The Ancient Maya were extremely precise in their time measurements, and their calendars reflect the fractal intelligence of Nature. The 5, year cycle is made up of 13 smaller cycles, known as the "13 Baktun Count. Each baktun is understood as its own historical epoch or Age within the Great Creation Cycle, carrying a specific destiny for the evolution of those who incarnated in each baktun. For example, almost all of the Mayan inscriptions were seeded precisely during Baktun 9 AD.

This era is known as the time of the Classic Maya. After this point, around A. To this day, no one can verify or prove why they left or where they went. The Classic Maya of Baktun 9 were of a specific destiny, distinct from Maya of other times. Jose Arguelles writes, "In A. Slowly the terrestrial Maya melted back into the jungles. The time of darkness was setting in.

Sure enough the conquerors came. Warrior tribes who took the ancient name of Toltec, which means Master Builder, entered the Yucatan. War and human sacrifice were introduced. Earth and her inhabitants are currently travelling through the 13th baktun cycle - the final period of AD. This cycle is known both as "the triumph of materialism" and "the transformation of matter.

Like a memory virus in which we begin to believe the limited reality of appearances and grow dense to the spiritual essence which animates this world, so humanity's egoic domination has grown during this cycle. Jose Arguelles makes the point that this 13th Baktun has essentially been "captured by mechanical time. These are no small matters - in fact the planet and the human mind have never been the same since their introduction into our culture.

Arguelles, these 2 instruments are what manifested humanity's " error in time " which is the following of artificial instruments of time that served to separate humankind apart from the rest of nature, operating by our own false timing frequency, to the detriment of the natural world. The month Gregorian calendar is not based on logic, science, or nature. It denies and covers up the true annual human biological cycle conserved in the body of woman.

Why do we use an instrument of imperfect measure to coordinate the affairs of the world? The Gregorian calendar is the current world standard because of the forceful issuance of this system upon conquered indigenous peoples who lost their land as well as their religious freedoms to the Roman Vatican's Catholic Church. The historical context in which this calendar became the fixed standard is of the greatest significance.

The Gregorian calendar is a product of its predecessors - Julius Caesar's calendar and the earlier Roman Empire calendar, being practically identical to them, with the exception of its name and leap-day rule. Essentially we have been using this flawed and limited month model of time for over years, not questioning its impact on our minds and our global society.

Meanwhile, we need to realize that a calendar is the central organizing instrument of our global society. The way we frame and relate to time impacts our minds, every day. The clock was the first automatic machine - going on to become the heart of all machine technology to come. As George Woodcock wrote in Technically, the clock was the first really automatic machine that attained any importance in the life of men. Previous to its invention, the common machines were of such a nature that their operation depended on some external and unreliable force, such as human or animal muscles, water or wind.

But the clock was the first automatic machine that attained a public importance and a social function. Clock-making became the industry from which men learnt the elements of machine making and gained the technical skill that was to produce the complicated machinery of the industrial revolution. The presence of the clock gave birth to the notion that time lies outside our bodies - that it can be tracked by a machine, and that we can sit and watch it "fly" by tick-tock as though it is something linear, containable, and separate from the organic, flowing process of life.

The adherence to the clock for our sense of time and timing is noted as the greatest obstacle to allowing the full telepathic abilities of the human to flower. And because, without some means of exact time keeping, industrial capitalism could never have developed and could not continue to exploit the workers, the clock represents an element of mechanical tyranny in the lives of modern men more potent than any individual exploiter or any other machine Now the movement of the clock sets the tempo men's lives - they become the servant of the concept of time which they themselves have made, and are held in fear, like Frankenstein by his own monster.

As a 6-year old girl once said: Next came the Cartesian Coordinate Rectilinear Grid System which went on to establish the foundational platform of all modern math and science. Thanks to Rene Descartes the man infamous for his quote "I think therefore I am," the ceiling of perception validated only the reality of the 3 dimensions of physical space.

The coordinates of X,Y, and Z rendered the fourth dimension obsolete from our worldview. Beyond the 3 dimensions of what we can physically sense, the fourth dimension is the invisible dimension of mind and spirit in which all is unified. When we are disconnected from the fourth dimension, because we perceive that everything is separate from everything else, our values and focus as a society become heavily materialistic. But then no one paid any attention to him, so he's back to claiming that his work is Mayan. Either way the damage is done.

While the New Age "Mayans" squabble among themselves, commercial doomsayers are hopping onto the bandwagon. Roland Emmerich, maker of Independence Day and other disaster movies, will release to the movie theaters in November, under sponsorship of Sony. His film tells of a planetary cataclysm that as predicted by the Mayans occurs in ; he then shows how scattered remnants of humanity struggle for survival in the aftermath. Find out the truth. As of late April, 6. As a marketing effort, the "Institute" is clever and enticing; it shows what purveyors of propaganda and disinformation can do now.

Other media giants have joined in the effort to market Doomsday. The History Channel, a joint venture of Hearst, Disney-ABC, and NBC, 54 has been aggressively marketing shows about the imminent end of the world; for them, any theory will do, as long as it predicts apocalypse now. In late April, the History Channel site listed "Life After People," a fantasy about ecological recovery after the sudden extinction of mankind, as its most watched video.

Apocalypse and Beyond," and "Doomsday The End of Days," featuring the New Age view of the Mayan calendar; in a special package deal, viewers can buy these three shows along with "Life After People. When New Age enthusiasts propose classic Mayan civilization as an exemplar of holistic thinking, awareness of cycles, attunement with nature, and enlightenment, they are offering us a poor example indeed. Mayan civilization reached its peak between and AD.

Classic Era Mayan accomplishments included an astronomical calendar that could be used accurately over long periods of time, advanced mathematics, hieroglyphics, and intricate, massive public buildings that have survived centuries of disuse and abandonment in a hostile tropical climate. Ultimately these endeavors led them to evolve a calendrical lore extending millions of years into the past and encompassing a profoundly complex philosophy. To the Maya, time was never a purely abstract means of arranging events into an orderly sequence.

It was envisioned as a supernatural phenomenon involving omnipotent forces of creation and destruction, with all of its aspects directly influenced by gods who were believed to be either benevolent or evil. It was a curious concept of time, and one that explains in part the power of the ruling elite and priesthood over the populace, who must surely have considered survival impossible without learned mediators to interpret the gods' irascible tendencies.

The Mayan calendar is far more accurate than the Julian calendar that was dominant in Europe from the time of Caesar until , and it is slightly more accurate than the Gregorian calendar, which has been used since But the Gregorian calendar computes the length of the solar year as And the Julian calendar uses a solar year length of These differences may seem small, but over the centuries, they add up. The last known current Long Count date on a Mayan monument was in AD, coincident with the collapse of classic Mayan civilization. Ancient Mayan cities were dominated by pyramids dedicated to the worship of the Mayan gods.

For example, at Chichen Itza, there is a pyramid dedicated to the feathered-serpent god Kukulcan; on the days of the spring and fall equinox, light and shadow create the illusion of a giant serpent undulating on the temple's northern staircase. For most of its existence, the Mayan civilization is thought to have been divided among a multiplicity of city-states ruled by dynastic monarchies.

These states were usually at war with each other, and the wars became frequent and intense as the civilization moved toward its collapse. Mayan religion exalted the local monarchs; most surviving art deals with religious and dynastic themes; and Mayan cities focused on the local temples. Mass mobilization of labor was essential to the expansion of these cities and the irrigated farms that supported them. As archaeologist Saunders reports, "between BC and AD , inhabitants of the Maya city of Edzna built a 12 km long canal, associated with seven smaller canals and several reservoirs.

Altogether it may have taken 1. Ecological historian Jared Diamond says, "All preserved ancient Maya writing, constituting a total of about 15, inscriptions, is on stone and pottery and deals only with kings, nobles, and their conquests. There is not a single mention of commoners. Leading the way before masses of illiterate peasants, these elite groups established the tenets around which the daily existence of the people revolved.

Under their direction, life for the commoners was an endless round dedicated to cultivating the soil, public service necessary to construct, maintain, and enlarge the cities, and adoration of the gods through strict observance of rituals, offerings, and sacrifices.

So esteemed was his position that a cloth was always held up before his face to prevent anyone from speaking to him directly. Furthermore, all knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, hieroglyphic writing, and the esoteric aspects of ritualism apparently remained entirely in the hands of the upper classes, leaving the vast majority of the peasants illiterate. Adrian Gilbert, a New Age supporter of Mayan apocalypse theory, puts a positive spin on the deprivation of the masses: All that most people owned was the clothes they stood up in and perhaps a few household utensils, weapons, or tools.

Deformation of the body was part of Mayan culture. A history of the Maya says, "According to Maya ideas of beauty, it was highly desirable to be cross-eyed; thus a nodule of resin or a small bead was attached to a child's hair which hung between the eyes and conditioned the pupils to focus inward. Shortly after birth an infant's head was tightly bound to wooden boards in order to flatten the forehead, as this too was considered a mark of attractiveness, especially among the upper classes. Older children had their earlobes, septums, lips, and one nostril pierced so they could wear a variety of ornaments.

In some ways, the Mayan civilization was advanced; in others, it never left the Stone Age. Eric Thompson wondered in All overland transport for the Maya went on the backs of human porters. All of those great Maya temples were constructed by stone and wooden tools and by human muscle power alone. At the peak of ancient Mayan civilization, around AD, ornate and populous cities covered the Yucatan and adjacent lands. By whatever means the collapse occurred, it was a true "Greater Depression.

Since the early s, the Maya have partly recovered; estimates of the number of Indians of Maya descent now living in their ancestral territories range from 2 million to 6 million. Gallenkamp summarizes the chain of disasters that befell the Mayan lands during the century before the Spanish conquest: Uprisings, intrigue, and political assassinations had beset nearly all of the Maya area, touching off smoldering enmities that the Spaniards quickly exploited to their own advantage. Like acts of punishment from the gods, a series of natural catastrophes overtook the Maya in the midst of these tribulations.

Sixteen years later a devastating pestilence swept through the area," and a five-year plague of locusts left famine in its wake. Despite centuries of adversity, the Mayans have proven difficult to conquer and to subdue.

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Saunders says, "It was here that over two thousand years of independent pre-Columbian Maya civilization came to an end. Uprisings were inspired by shaman-priests who claimed to have received divine revelations from the gods, some of which were written down in hybrid Maya-Spanish documents known as The Books of Chilam Balam. Throughout the colonial period, the Yucatan Maya resisted their Spanish masters, making idols of their gods to be distributed throughout the region, creating underground religious movements, talking of prophecies of the end of Spanish rule, and sometimes killing Spaniards and their supporters.

Mayan resistance to assimilation continued after the region became independent of Spain. In , the Mayans of Southern Mexico revolted against their European-stock landlords. This poverty-driven insurgency took on religious and tribal overtones in , when a wooden "Speaking Cross" made its appearance; this totem aided by ventriloquists began directing the Indians to fight for racial unity and spiritual redemption. As with the Aztecs and the Incas, human sacrifice and bloodletting were integral to traditional Mayan religion.

Nearby is a stone idol holding a plate across its belly; this plate was the receptacle for the hearts of those who had been sacrificed. Such sites abound in the Mayan ancestral lands.