The Second Crow (Rising Firebird Series Book 2)

Ruin and Rising (The Grisha Book 3) and millions of other books are . Book 3 of 3 in the Grisha Trilogy Series . Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows Siege and Storm was a political thriller, then this third book is an epic quest. . Alina is going to hunt the firebird, but that adventure doesn't begin right away.
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The Darkling gloats over her, telling her that the Grisha children were never in danger, that he knew the threat would be enough when Alina believes him capable of anything. Alina is overwhelmed with the power flooding through her, feeling like a star that could consume the earth, and then, just as suddenly as it came, the power disappears.

Looking around, Alina can see the fighting, but as she reaches for her power she finds nothing, just an empty space where it used to be. Not understanding, wondering if this was her punishment as the Darkling had been punished by the Fold or if Morozova had merely failed in his attempt to create the amplifiers, she calls out for help, and Tolya and Tamar come running.

Alina begs them to save Mal, to bring him back, but as she struggles against the grief, against the realization that all her greed and all her sacrifice seemed to be for nothing, she looks out into the Fold and sees light. Ordinary people, the ones the Darkling thought were unimportant and weak. He finds her out on the sand, demanding to be told what she has done, how it could be possible that the Fold is coming apart all around him. He draws on the darkness, but when Alina reflexively goes to summon light and nothing happens, the Darkling stops in surprise. He comes forward, confused, asking again what Alina has done, and then they both notice that the collar and the fetter have fallen off.

Finally he cups her face, and Alina feels nothing, no sense of his power as a living amplifier or response to their connection, and then finally the Darkling realizes that she has lost her power. She thinks of all the mercy that she has wanted to give, the mercy for the stag, for herself and Mal, and for all of Ravka, and then uses the little bit of power that she took from him to hide the knife, the same one that slew Mal, in darkness.

And then she stabs him with it. As the Darkling dies, he asks Alina not to give him a grave, and to say his name one last time. She whispers it to him, and then he dies. Alina watches, completely spent, as the Soldat Sol turn their new powers against the volcra and the remaining darkness, burning it away with sunlight. And finally, impossibly, she hears Mal draw a breath. The battle seemed so long when I was reading it, but really it is over quite quickly. I was proud of Alina for not being thrown off too much by the trick or getting caught up again in doubting herself and her understanding of him.

But while the Darkling is a man who will do anything to achieve his goals, justify any means for the end he desires, he is a man who prides himself on acting rationally and I think tries to hide the decisions he does make out of pure emotion. He calls his treatment of Baghra and Genya and Sergei justice when it is actually revenge, and it is important to him to make that distinction. His despair at finding her power gone, their connection severed, shows that emotional side fully.

At last, we see what sense of loss and pain lurks behind his cool demeanor, and it is not insignificant that he just lost his mother, too. It makes me wonder how he reacted when he could not save her, and again, makes me wish we could have seen a little more of it. Perhaps he is too destroyed and tired to care.

Firebird Series

As though Mal could only live when the Darkling was dead. They concoct a story that Nikolai was captured and tortured by the Darkling, that he was brought out to the Fold to be executed but escaped and helped the Sun Summoner defeat the Darkling. After some recovery time, Alina finally gets the rest of the news about the battle. Together with the Soldat Sol they destroyed the Fold, and the volcra were mostly rounded up and killed. As they recuperate together, Alina and Mal talk about everything that happened, glad they are to be together and safe, but also grieving for the people they have lost, including Harshaw and Ruby, who both died in the last battle.

His incredible sense of the world around him, the abilities that made him the tracker who could make rabbits out of rocks and locate mythical creatures no one else was even sure existed, is gone now, and Alina thinks she understands. The part of Mal that was bound to all living things was the part that was merzost , the bit of creation that Morozova took and placed in the amplifiers he made, in the daughter he brought back to life.

She thinks that that must be why Tolya and Tamar were able to save Mal, that he lost the second life that Morozova gave him, but was able to keep his own normal one. Mal seems to be thinking along those same lines, telling Alina that Malyen Oretsev died with her, and that he, too, will be taking a new name and a new life. He asks her if she can be happy with a used up tracker, and Alina can hear some uncertainty in his voice. But she only responds that she can, if he can be happy with someone who stabbed him in the chest.

She leaves Misha and Mal at at an inn and goes down to the royal barracks where Nikolai is staying. Tolya and Tamar meet her and take her to see the new King of Ravka. She finds Nikolai sitting by a fire in a dark room, and it takes him a moment to notice her. Alina can see the change in him as Nikolai covers with his usual charm, but also admits to struggling with what he has been through, with feeling as though there is a darkness still inside him. He worries that this will affect his abilities as King, and fears that people might suspect what really happened to him.

Alina admits that she has heard people referring to him as Korol Resni , King of Scars, in reference to the black marks on his fingers where the talons grew, and Nikolai asks her if she will come back to Os Alta with her, because he still wants her to be his queen. Alina points out that she is neither a Grisha nor a Saint anymore, and after some unsuccessful wheedling Nikolai admits that part of the reason he wants her to stay with him is because she understands how he feels about the darkness inside him that may never really leave, the feeling of merzost , that you can hate and desire at the same time.

But Alina stands firm, and finally he relents, telling her to keep the emerald, to use it for something good. To build something new. After their talk, Alina is able to take both a pardon and a job offer to Genya, having convinced Nikolai to make her, David, and Zoya the new heads of the Second Army. They attend the funeral, where Ruby has been tailored by Genya to look like Alina. Beside her lies the Darkling, and as the people chant and weep, the funeral pyre is lit and the Sun Summoner and the the man who was once the boy Aleksander are consumed together.

Alina whispers his name one last time. The girl and the boy are married in a small chapel with only a child and a cat as their witnesses. Together, they rebuild Keramzin, and now it is a place made for children, children who are always encouraged to laugh and play, who are given sweets and nightlights to keep away the dark. The boy charms the staff and teaches the children to hunt and fish and farm, and the girl is quiet and tells stories, then paints the mystical creatures along the walls of the manor.

They are visited by Grisha who bring them gifts, including a blue kefta for the girl, and although there are moments when the girl will draw away, haunted by something in her past, she and the boy are always found together before long, laughing and teasing each other.

A Thousand Pieces of You (2014)

You guys I am really sad about Harshaw, I really liked him and why is it that all the Inferni are the ones that get killed? Seems like they are the most unlucky Grisha type. Nikolai is the type to fly to close to the sun sometimes, and he has a cruel but useful reminder now to keep him grounded when he needs to be. Or he can marry Zoya like Alina suggested…. The Darkling asked Alina not to give him a grave that people could desecrate, and I wonder how much of that thought was an awareness of the evil he had done and how much was a long held feeling of being despised by ordinary people, something that his mother instilled in him.

If she had taught him that love was valuable, would he have made different choices in life? I do think he was jealous of how the people loved Alina and made her their saint, even as he knew how fleeting that adoration would be for her. I think Genya, David, and Zoya are going to make the most awesome Grisha triumverate ever, and Netflix or somebody should make a sitcom about them because that is going to be comedy gold.

Also I think Alina is right in believing that the distinction between Grisha orders will diminish a lot now that their own are in charge. I can just see them growing old together as these strange excentrics, burdened by war and loss but able to give true happiness to the children they take in, and to find it for themselves at the same time. I want to see more of his motivations and dreams, I want to know how much he actually loved his family, what he felt when his daughter was killed. Or even the way it took losing her to make Mal realize how he truly felt about Alina.

I totally squeed when I finally understood what Bardugo did there. What about you, my faithful readers? Did I miss one of your favorite moments or themes of the book? But that is what the comment section is for! Thanks so much to all of you who have been coming to the reread every week, and thank you to those who have been having fun chatting with me about my observations and yours. Kelsey Jefferson Barrett likes to think of himself as a cynic, but is still totally moved by true love concurring all. Receive notification by email when a new comment is added.

You must be a registered user to subscribe to threads. All comments must meet the community standards outlined in Tor. Thank you for keeping the discussion, and our community, civil and respectful. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. There are so many amazing powers in this story, and the heroine has this huge power that could've had such astonishing potential, and she hardly ever uses it.

I am just astounded by how much her power is 'talked' up and then she barely delivers. Back to our heroine, she makes some incredibly outrageous choices in this one. In the first one she was lacking in self esteem, in the second one she actually wanted to die in parts, and in this one she is greedy and self-serving. Yes, everyone has faults, but this is supposed to be the mobad heroine that the whole world is rallying behind and frankly she doesn't deserve the support. The way everything was 'resolved' just leaves me shaking my head.

I cannot fathom the choices that were made. It was all very unbelievable to me. Bound Together The romance I enjoyed in this one until a crazy choice by Alina. Then I'm just trying to figure out how on earth Mal can stand to be around her.

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Pyres Burning in the Distance The series as a whole started out good and slowly got worse. I was expecting much more out of the story because the concept is so wonderful. The powers that the characters have could truly have gone somewhere fantastic. This one was a let down. The side characters are great and definitely carry the story.

The Grisha Trilogy Reread: Ruin and Rising, Part Three |

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The writing is excellent, but the story and the characters falter. The beginning is slow. The Apparat is hiding them and trying to control Alina. The later half of the book works better than the first half. The Darkling still has power over Alina, which ads some tension to the story. I felt Alina took the easy way out. In YA fantasy, romance is mandatory. I usually ignore that part of the YA genre because the outcome is always predictable with little variation.

I don't hate trilogies as much as I hate the last books in them. I always feel sad and let down because bad things always happen and things aren't as exciting as the build up. With the Grisha trilogy? I don't really feel that way, I feel pretty satisfied with it. Ruin and Rising starts off a few months after the last book left off, with Alina weak and underground with the Apparat and his faith soldiers.

But she needs the third amplifier and she can't just hide underground with the Darkling having free rein in Ravka. As she digs deeper into Morozova's past, she finds out more about her connection to him. I'll admit it, this trilogy has never really had a plot and this book is no exception.

Alina goes from one place to the next, and the next. It's a lot of doing and more character driven, with lots of side characters and strong main characters instead of following a straight forward path. I love the characters so much, especially the Darkling. Oh man, the Darkling. He's so bad, so very, very bad. But he does it so well. Him and Alina have such a back and forth, they are literally opposites.

Light and dark, good and evil. They are they only two of their kind of power and they both know it. I hate myself for wanting them to be together but I won't lie and say that I prefer Mal. I thankfully didn't hate him as much in this book, really I thought him and Alina were nice together but I still think he's kind of bland. Especially when yet another great guy- Nikolai, exists in this book but Alina is still not interested in him the way I wish she was.

Alina is strong, and she's been strong even when she was weakened. She comes through when you would think she would back out and I love that. Strong female friendships with multiple females. Genya is still fierce as hell despite everything she's been through, and Tamar is still badass. This series is just heartbreaking at times, it's dark and angsty but still hopeful somehow and I think the ending of this just shows that. I love this series. It actually took me longer than I wanted to finish this book because I just didn't want it to end, and I didn't want to say good-bye to these characters but I had to.

But this book was so satisfying and for once I'm not let down at the end. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. See all reviews.

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Ruin and Rising

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