Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Wellness Wisdom has 3 ratings and 1 review. Mae said: This is a wonderful book with lots of little gems! You can read it all at once or in little.
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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Wellness Wisdom by Susan Tate. This book contains a powerful blueprint for what wellness looks and feels like. She has managed th ""Wellness Wisdom" lifted my energy immediately. She has managed the almost impossible task of making transformational reading fun and inviting. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Wellness Wisdom , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jul 08, Mae rated it really liked it. This is a wonderful book with lots of little gems! You can read it all at once or in little bits, like I did. Years ago I noticed how certain words with similar meanings prompted different reactions. While in my mid-forties, I could not always find a tennis or racquetball partner and sometimes felt bored lifting weights or riding a cycle that went nowhere. I had taken jazz dance classes for years but my work schedule often conflicted with the class schedule.

During this time I discovered a holistic form of movement called Nia. Nia is a transformational fusion fitness and lifestyle practice that blends selected movements from the martial arts, the dance arts, and the healing arts. Anyone can enjoy Nia because it encourages all participants to listen to the wisdom of their bodies. All sizes, shapes, and ages can joyfully participate. If you are in a wheelchair or have a limited range of motion, you can enjoy the arm movements, music, sensations, sounds, and images created through Nia routines.

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I discovered a passion for Nia that continues to inspire me to want to care for and nourish all aspects of my being. I am a certified black belt Nia instructor and have been teaching since I delight in being a dancing grandmother! And I must share this—I got a kick out of turning 60 in and love being able to get down and get back up again with ease! Nia has opened the doorway to profound joy, healing, passion, and wholeness in my life and in the lives of Nia students across the globe.

If you visit the Web site www. Simply walking each day can bring a sense of calm and provide cardiovascular benefits. If you move through your day via wheelchair or a Segway, taking time to get outside and connect your wheels to the earth can heighten your awareness as you take in all that surrounds you. Whether you are walking, rolling, or jogging you can feel the wind on your face and through your hair. Delight in your senses. Smell the moment, see what you are traveling in and around, touch a flower or a rock or tree.

Twenty to 30 minutes of movement each day freshens the mind and gently massages the heart in many ways. Just a few days before my mother passed away, she confided in Randi that she realized she would never dance again. Let your imagination guide you to enjoyable places now. And so, I advocate closing your eyes for a moment and thinking of a form of movement that creates joyful feelings and suits your wellness path.

After selecting your first option, you might want to see if this movement involves strength, flexibility, and a cardiovascular benefit. Nia provides all of these, by the way. If not, the next step would be to consider adding another type of movement that includes these elements. Let this form of movement stir your passion and your pleasure. Suggestions for Implementing the Ideas in This Chapter. Excerpt from chapter 15 of Wellness Wisdom , 2nd ed. Are you looking for a little less stress in your life? Are you desiring to feel more love?

Then you can choose one to practice—and of course practicing them will take MORE than 13 seconds—but they are all capable of adding to your well-being. And all of them are filled with love. We get to take one step at at time on our wellness path. Which one will you choose for your next step? If you would like suggestions for implementing each of these tips, you will enjoy learning more in my book, Wellness Wisdom: Please let me know which one you picked to play with today!

Please leave a comment here or come on over to my SusanTateCommunity Facebook page and share your thoughts. It had once been my nature to cling ferociously to the belief that I was powerful enough to change the thinking of family members, friends, and even entire university committees. I am mighty powerful—but not in that way. I know that my true power comes from honestly and compassionately speaking my truth with integrity, kindness, and compassion and then letting go of the outcome.

Pain has always resulted when I got in there and tried to force that oversized round peg into a very small square hole.

Trusting rather than hoping that things will unfold with ease in a way that is best for all involved will help as you prepare to truly let go. You may want to consider replacing the word hope with the word trust. Hope often implies something we wish might happen in the future.

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Trust can be a more optimistic and affirming way toward creating a specific result. My dear, rational, calm, clear thinking dad would tell me stories of flying boxcars that took him to work and back and he would tell me that wherever he landed, his bed would be right there too! The first time he told me this, I felt like my heart was bleeding tears.

I felt desperate to bring him back into my reality. When I let go and realized that his reality was his reality and totally different from mine, I began to find peace. I let go—and met him where he was, not where I wanted him to be. Dad had been a railroad engineer so the added speed created by the airplane wings must have been quite a delight for him!

And my delight came when I was able to let go and be with him right where he was. For a while after his death, I spent time wishing I had met him there sooner. Now I know I did the best I could at the time. I know he knows it too. Are you ready to let go of a thought, belief, or situation that no longer serves you? And may you feel the peace that comes from letting go. My last class there will be Saturday morning, December When I read the email notification, I immediately went into a very spiritual mode of thinking.

My grief is still present. But I am settling pretty deep into acceptance. What I want to share with you is the feeling of peace that is coming to me in spurts now. It was time to sell the family home and pack up 53 years of a household. As I wrote in chapter 25 of my Wellness Wisdom book, I vividly remember the feeling of sitting by myself in the family living room as I gazed at all that was around me. It seemed like a task I was too young to be doing and nothing seemed to make any sense. How would it feel to never come home again?

After praying for a few minutes, I felt a deep sense of peace wash over me. Spirit was clearly at work here, as I felt I was receiving a profound gift that enabled me to move through this passage with grace, strength, and trust. This gift proved to be more valuable than any household item in our lovely family home.

The gift was the realization that the space in between all this stuff was where I had learned to love. And that love was something I was able to safely pack with me and keep for the rest of my life.

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My tears stopped and I thanked God for the gift of this peaceful insight, and for the gift of such loving parents. And now after nine precious years, I am leaving The Dance Space—unexpectedly. This space was like a home to me and to many students and teachers in our Nia Seattle community. It seems that here too, it was the space in between where we danced and laughed and played and cried and expressed joy and love.

I notice the similarities with leaving my family home and leaving The Dance Space now.

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It was the space in between where I found a loving Nia family that was always there for me as I celebrated birthdays and holidays without my children and grandchildren at my side. I will take with me the feeling and energy of the love that we generated there. I offer gratitude for every student who walked through that door. I offer gratitude for all the workshops held there. I offer gratitude to each of my Nia teaching colleagues for sharing their gifts there.

I offer gratitude for the experience of teaching a Nia class in April with my daughter and granddaughter in the class—three generations doing Nia together, I offer gratitude for the space and for the neighborhood. I will leave the studio free and clear to serve the next people to enter. I will clear the space and take all my personal energy with me.

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That will leave my body, mind, spirit, and emotions free to embrace the next dancing steps; and lead me to the perfect studio space so I can continue to share my beloved Nia practice. My wish is for my students and our Nia community to be open to doing the same.

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Are you in a time of life where you can see the value of the spaces in between? We have over 60, thoughts a day and most of them were also bonking around in our heads yesterday. These thoughts most often reflect our subconscious beliefs. So, the power in a positive affirming statement is that it can slowly but surely become a welcome part of those repetitive thoughts and eventually become a belief.

You can affirm something peaceful or affirm something to create worry or suffering. You get to choose. Have fun in your own personal recording studio! I accept balance in all aspects of me; including my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional self. I forgive myself and I forgive others for any behaviors or beliefs that have caused pain. I release and bless all thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve my highest purpose.

I am filled with gratitude for the abundant blessings I constantly receive from Spirit. I mindfully choose my response to any circumstance or condition. Affirmations from my book:

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