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And those qualities that good mystery or thriller writing calls for are not to be despised, since they include economy, skillful sustention of suspense, and very artful plotting. The mystery novel was superseded in popularity by the novel of espionage , which achieved a large vogue with the James Bond series of Ian Fleming. Fleming had numerous imitators, as well as a more than worthy successor in Len Deighton. As the 19th century advanced, and new tracts of America were opened up, a large body of fiction came out of the men who were involved in pioneering adventure.

The western is now thought of predominantly as a cinematic form, but it arose out of literature. Other frontier fiction has come from another New World, the antipodes—South Africa as well as the Australian outback—but the American West has provided the best mythology, and it is still capable of literary treatment. Sophisticated literary devices may be grafted onto the western—surrealistic fantasy or parallels to Shakespeare or to the ancient classics—but the peculiar and perennial appeal of the western lies in its ethical simplicity, the frequent violence, the desperate attempt to maintain minimal civilized order, as well as the stark, near-epic figures from true western history, such as Billy the Kid , Calamity Jane , Wyatt Earp , Annie Oakley , and Jesse James.

A distinction should be made between novels whose high sales are an accolade bestowed on literary merit and novels that aim less at aesthetic worth than at profits. The works of Charles Dickens were best sellers in their day, but good sales continue, testifying to a vitality that was not purely ephemeral.

On the other hand, many best-selling novels have a vogue that is destined not to outlast the time when they were produced. It is a characteristic of this kind of best seller that the writing is less interesting than the content, and that the content itself has a kind of journalistic oversimplification that appeals to unsophisticated minds. The United States is the primary home of the commercial novel whose high sales accrue from careful, and sometimes cold-blooded, planning.

A novel in which a topical subject—such as the Mafia, or corruption in government, or the election of a new pope, or a spate of aircraft accidents, or the censorship of an erotic book—is treated with factual thoroughness, garnished with sex, enlivened by quarrels, fights, and marital infidelities, presented in nonliterary prose, and given lavish promotion by its publisher may well become a best seller. It is also likely to be almost entirely forgotten a year or so after its publication. The factual element in the novel seems to be necessary to make the reader feel that he is being educated as well as diverted.

Indeed, the conditions for the highest sales seem to include the reconciliation of the pornographic and the didactic. A novel with genuine aesthetic vitality often sells more than the most-vaunted best seller, but the sales are more likely to be spread over decades and even centuries rather than mere weeks and months. The author of such a book may, in time, enrich others, but he is unlikely himself to attain the opulence of writers of best sellers such as Harold Robbins or Irving Wallace.

The term science fiction is a loose one, and it is often made to include fantastic and prophetic books that make no reference to the potentialities of science and technology for changing human life. The imaginative novelist is entitled to remake the existing world or present possible future worlds, and a large corpus of fiction devoted to such speculative visions has been produced in the last hundred years, more of it based on metaphysical hypotheses than on scientific marvels.

Jules Verne and H. Wells pioneered what may be properly termed science fiction, mainly to an end of diversion. Toward the end of his life Huxley produced a cautious utopian vision in Island , but the dystopian horrors of his earlier novel and of his Ape and Essence remain more convincing. A large number of writers practice prophetic fantasy with considerable literary skill and careful factual preparation—Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Ballard , to name only a few—and novelists whose distinction lies mainly in more traditional fields have attempted the occasional piece of future-fiction, as in the case of L.

However, the dystopian novel can have a salutary influence on society, actively correcting regressive or illiberal tendencies, and Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-four can be cherished as great didactic landmarks, not just as works of literary art. The category properly springs out of direct experience of proletarian life and is not available to writers whose background is bourgeois or aristocratic.

The United States has produced a rich crop of working-class fiction. England has produced its share of working-class novelists exuding bitterness, such as Alan Sillitoe , with his Saturday Night and Sunday Morning , but conditions apt for revolution have not existed in Britain for more than a century. Generally speaking, in the novel, which is preoccupied with individuals rather than with groups, it is difficult to make the generalized political statements that are meat and drink to the revolutionary propagandist. The categories briefly discussed above are among the most common fictional forms.

Theoretically there is no limit to the number available, since changing social patterns provide fresh subjects and fresh taxonomies , and new metaphysical and psychological doctrines may beget new fictional approaches to both content and technique. Other categories of fictional art include the erotic novel which may or may not be pornographic , the satirical novel, the farcical novel, the novel for or about children, the theological novel, the allegorical novel, and so on.

Types of fiction no longer practiced, since their real-life referents no longer exist, include the colonial novel—such as E. One may read examples of a departed category with pleasure and profit, but the category can no longer yield more than parody or pastiche. New kinds of fiction fill in the gaps, like the novel of negritude , the structuralist novel following the linguistic sociologists and anthropologists , the homosexual novel, the novel of drug hallucination, and so on.

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So long as human society continues to exist, the novel will exist as its mirror, an infinitude of artistic images reflecting an infinitude of life patterns. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Types of novel Historical For the hack novelist, to whom speedy output is more important than art, thought, and originality, history provides ready-made plots and characters.

The novel of manners To make fiction out of the observation of social behaviour is sometimes regarded as less worthy than to produce novels that excavate the human mind. Epistolary The novels of Samuel Richardson arose out of his pedagogic vocation, which arose out of his trade of printer—the compilation of manuals of letter-writing technique for young ladies. Pastoral Fiction that presents rural life as an idyllic condition, with exquisitely clean shepherdesses and sheep immune to foot-rot, is of very ancient descent.

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Antinovel The movement away from the traditional novel form in France in the form of the nouveau roman tends to an ideal that may be called the antinovel—a work of the fictional imagination that ignores such properties as plot, dialogue , human interest. Cult, or coterie, novels The novel, unlike the poem, is a commercial commodity, and it lends itself less than the materials of literary magazines to that specialized appeal called coterie, intellectual or elitist.

Detective , mystery, thriller The terms detective story , mystery , and thriller tend to be employed interchangeably. The best seller A distinction should be made between novels whose high sales are an accolade bestowed on literary merit and novels that aim less at aesthetic worth than at profits.

Fantasy and prophecy The term science fiction is a loose one, and it is often made to include fantastic and prophetic books that make no reference to the potentialities of science and technology for changing human life. Other types The categories briefly discussed above are among the most common fictional forms. Page 4 of 5. Next page Social and economic aspects.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The theme and spirit of tragedy, meanwhile, found a new vehicle in the novel. This development is important, however far afield it may seem from the work of the formal dramatists. The late 18th century saw the rise of the Latin American novel. In these early novels, one encounters at every turn the Neoclassical conviction that society would be reformed by a combination of informed individual choice and state regulation.

Francisco Javier Eugenio de Santa…. In prose fiction the vanguardia did not arrive as quickly. The first step was a renovation of the novel but within accepted 19th-century Realist forms. The first novels to be considered modern—that is, contemporary—in Latin American fiction were those written during and about the…. Griggs, and Charles W. Chesnutt, the novel became an instrument of social analysis and direct confrontation with the prejudices, stereotypes, and….

The novel as social analysis allegory In fable, parable, and allegory: Modern period Arabic literature In Arabic literature: Early novels In Latin American literature: The modern novel literary criticism In literary criticism: Neoclassicism and its decline popularity of the short story In short story: Decline of short fiction romance In romance: Later developments scope, composition, and form In literature: The scope of literature View More.

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When my wife of many years refused to satisfy my needs, I would resort to paying for sex. I would find myself cruising the avenue to pick up whores. Women that had no issues about giving blow jobs for less than the cost of a tank of low-end gasoline. I realized some of them had to carry diseases. How could they not? Still, I was so obsessed with sex that I risked it anyway. One of the moderators, Grace, stood up and walked over to the podium to pat him on the back.

No sign of emotion whatsoever. If it were not for the light fabric of her rayon shirt moving slightly, Zoe would have doubted that she was even breathing. Brian pulled himself together and continued. My kids are grown, living their own lives, and they hate me too much to even look at me. I spend every single holiday alone. The pain is unbearable. If only I could turn back the hands of time and start over. If only I could make things better. Several of the people broke down in tears. Not so much for Brian, but for the pain and anguish they themselves had endured in their lives of turmoil.

Zoe rarely cried at the meetings anymore. Her counseling sessions with Dr. Ironically, Zoe had probably been through more drama than anyone else in the room. Her sexual addition had led to three simultaneous affairs with two of her lovers ending up dead at the hands of a third. Zoe emerged from her seat and approached Brian. The young woman had exited as quietly as she had entered. Damn, she always does that! Nervous 1 jonquinette I entered my third floor apartment fighting back tears.

I tossed my keys onto the coffee table and kicked off my low-heel black pumps.

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I continued down the hall into my bedroom and collapsed on my king-sized bed. And sleep alone I did. The red light on my answering machine was blinking. Who could possibly have called? On a Saturday, no less. Normally it would be Momma, but she was out of the country for two weeks.

Momma had a way of fantasizing like no other. One day I hoped she would find whatever it was she was truly searching for. I rewound the tape and hit play. I heard that overanxious voice daily at work. Why was Darnetta calling me at home on a Saturday?

We were coworkers but rarely spoke more than two words to each other.

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I was going to ask you about going out sometime soon anyway and I saw this as the perfect opportunity. You always seem so shy at work. Anyway, give me a call if you can make it. Me in a club? That meant a lot of people. That meant a lot of men. I cut up a few russet potatoes and boiled them along with a pouch of broccoli. While I was waiting for my meal to get done, I pulled some paperwork out of my briefcase and looked over the weekly shipping records for the office supply warehouse where I was head accountant.

When the Truth Lies A Novel Zane Presents

They were way under target for the week, something that normally only happened around holidays. After all, who orders office supplies for Christmas presents? But we were in the middle of August, when there were no holidays.

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  6. I debated about answering for the first three rings. What if Momma was calling back? Maybe something had gone wrong in Paris. I picked it up on the fifth ring, one ring before my answering machine normally kicked in. Did you get it? Sometimes I talk too loud. You trying to hang out tonight or what?

    The show is going to be all that and them some. What do you mean? They were so hard to come by. He was all she ever talked about—rather, bragged about—in the break room. He went to Durham. I told him about this concert weeks ago but he made plans to go hang out with some of his immature friends anyway.

    Surely there had to be one other person in the entire city of Atlanta Darnetta could get to go with her. I had a lot of errands to run today. Maybe we can go out some other time. Do I stink or something? How old are you? You have a man, right? I could never tell her the truth. You know how it is. There will be a ton of bachelors there tonight, just waiting on a sexy sister like you to grace their presence.

    Who was she trying to fool? I could tell she was disgusted. Well, I better run and get ready for the evening. You can believe that. Darnetta said that if I changed my mind, I could call back within a couple hours. But that would never happen. There was no way I was going to a club with a bunch of strange men around.

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    6. They made me nervous. I ate my dinner and watched some cable. I was completely drained by ten. I took a hot shower, threw on some pajamas, and climbed into my bed with the latest D. Nervous 2 Two Hours Later jude What kind of boring sista falls asleep at ten-thirty on a Saturday night? Jon really needed to wake up and smell some strong-ass coffee. We were young, educated, and beautiful.

      But the way Jon dressed, which I hated, deterred people from figuring out the beautiful part. I was sick and tired of the ugly-ass, wire-rimmed glasses. I could see just fine without those stupid glasses. Jon could wear them but I refused to reduce myself to that. I checked out our reflection in the mirror. A body like this is meant to be displayed. I tore the pins out of our hair and let it flow before breaking out the curling iron to hook our ass up. We were showing mucho cleavage and looking damn good. Finding Darnetta to grab that extra ticket would prove to be damn near impossible.

      Jon was always fucking things up for us. Darnetta was a cool sista and Jon had no business turning down invites in the first place. I almost fainted when she agreed to accept the next invitation from Darnetta. Jon never said anything while she was there. Besides, there was nothing for her to say. After circling the block three times, I finally lucked out and spotted someone pulling out of a space.

      The music was slamming but there were more than a hundred people in line. I wanted in there bad. That says it all. Damn, I just love bald heads! That was the first thing that came to mind when I spotted his blue-black ass standing at the end of the line.

      The brotha definitely had my interest as I approached him. I surveyed the area. The couple in front of him was locking lips and needed to get a room.