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The Wicked Heroine (Immortality Archive Series Book 1) (Jun 4, ). by Jasmine Oathen (Immortality Archive Series Book 2) (Feb 28, ). by Jasmine.
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Can I read this if I didn't read the first one? Jennifer Lee Rossman I wouldn't recommend it. This book does not explain the world of the Archive nearly as well as the first, and much of The Unbound happens because of …more I wouldn't recommend it. This book does not explain the world of the Archive nearly as well as the first, and much of The Unbound happens because of events in The Archived, which are only sort of rehashed in this one. I think it would be very confusing to read them out of order.

Does this book close the story? I know there is a third book in the works but if I were wanting to marathon through the first two and wanted a satisfying and conclusive ending, would I get one? Meredith It's not exactly a cliffhanger, but as there is a third book planned, it's not the conclusion. It's similar to the end of the Archived I believe - …more It's not exactly a cliffhanger, but as there is a third book planned, it's not the conclusion.

It's similar to the end of the Archived I believe - there's just more story to tell, but it's not like characters are in danger. See all 9 questions about The Unbound…. Lists with This Book. Writing this book gave me hives. Finishing it gave me an ulcer. Revising it made me hypertensive.

I am pretty sure it nearly killed me. Here's hoping it doesn't hurt you to read. At least not in the same ways it hurt me to write. And yes, there is a metric ton of Wesley Ayers. View all 32 comments. Apr 21, Korrina OwlCrate rated it it was amazing. I liked this even more than The Archived!

Also, Wesley is definitely new book boyfriend material. I know this series was meant to have a third instalment, and I truly hope we get one someday. But I was very happy with how this book ended. Aug 21, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought this chapter was over and I hoped I would not have to see him again in the sequel, but I did.

Much to my disappointment he had a huge impact on the plot. Apart from him, this book was awesome and flawless and Victoria Schwab at her best. I just hate Owen. And now pretty please Find more of my books on Instagram View all 7 comments. And this book has done that for me. The second book in the Archived series, Unbound continues a few weeks after we left book one. Mackenzie is about to begin school at the prestigious Hyde School and despite her very normal teen worries, her constant daunting nightmares are beginning to take its toll.

With pressure from the Archive and a steady case of missing people — who all happen to be linked to her — junior year in high school is about to get a lot more complicated. Some of us just want to stay alive. Schwab was able to build and construct the characters and the plot in such a beautifully profound way, I am absolutely astonished.

Ugh, this boy has my heart, I swear, every time his name was mentioned, I was: I really, really, really need book three!!! Please Victoria Schwab, I need this book to continue my life. View all 38 comments. Jan 04, no rated it it was amazing Shelves: To all the people: I love everything about this book. Because as Roland would say, she makes things infinitely more interesting. Which reminds me, this was BR 2 with Joshua Templeman's biggest fan , who made things infinitely more in To all the people: Which reminds me, this was BR 2 with Joshua Templeman's biggest fan , who made things infinitely more interesting for me What always draws me to Victoria Schwab 's books is the uncertainty They're never, ever predictable.

I never know what's wrong, or what's right. I never know what's going to happen the next chapter, or even whatever the hell is happening right now. And that makes all the difference. Sure, she has a quirky writing style that is enchanting from the first page , and characters that are mesmerizing and lovable , but her plots and ideas are unique. You could give me a piece of hers out of nowhere, and as soon as I laid eyes on it I would probably be able to say with confidence: That's the kind of style she has.

View all 20 comments. And now I must devour every known work by Victoria Schwab. I don't know about you, but I love an unreliable narrator. And in this sequel, Mac becomes just such a narrator. After the horrific things she survived in The Archived , girl is allowed a little mental breakdown, but when she starts to see Owen Chris Clarke, to feel his presence not only in her dreams but in her waking hours, too, something's gotta give, and for a good while, it looked like it was going to be Mac's sanity.

But it goes without saying that because of her questionable mental state, she might not be the most trustworthy source for information. It might help if she'd actually talk to someone ahem , Wesley about what's troubling her, but you know she's not going to make it easy on herself. Mac is tough as nails thanks to Da, and she will see this thing through, even if it kills her I felt at times that I was being pushed in one direction so that I'd get all turned around, like I were in those awful tunnels myself.

This sequel is all kinds of twisty, and I never knew who to trust, if anyone Speaking of, if you were disappointed by the lack of swoons in the first book when it came to Wes and Mac, your patience will pay off in this book.

Though you should be warned, Mac's become a bit of a babe magnet as of late. But fret not fellow Wesley fans, this is nothing compared to that awkward triangle-type thingy that happened in The Archived. Which, if I'm being perfectly honest, wasn't really there either since that was a case of Mac and OCC using each other for different purposes and really involved no feelings. Anyway, back to my point: And he's all kinds of adorbs, but that's to be expected. New friends, new foes, old friends, old foes Roland is still a great counter to Mac's brash, impulsive personality.

I enjoyed the almost fatherly role he played in the first book, but he's an even more prominent ally now, which is perfect because Mac needs him now more than ever. Even Mac's parents get more action in this sequel, though I can't say that it made me like them any better. I empathize with their situation, but losing one child does not net you permission to be absent for your remaining offspring. They seem to wake up a bit from their stupor and take notice, but it's all the wrong things they're seeing, and Mac can't say a word otherwise to dissuade them. The interactions between Da and Mac still preface the chapters, but rather than being a present-tense memory where Mac is "speaking" to Da, this time around they actually feel like flashbacks, usually ones that precede some training aspect Mac is putting into action.

They still contain those nuggets of wisdom, but Mac is seeing the Archive and its actions in a different light, and she's starting to question what Da really knew and understood about the people he was working for. Which is partly what makes this sequel so unbelievably good: I could wax poetic about all the things I love about The Unbound , but there's only one thing that I'm disappointed in.

And that's the fact that I can't find any info on a third book! GIF it to me straight: No words could adequately describe how amazing this sequel was. Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for the review copy! This review can also be found at The Starry-Eyed Revue. View all 6 comments.

It keeps us in. We build it up around us, not realizing that we're trapping ourselves. Let's talk about this wonderful book, in this installment we'll see Mackenzie confronting her demons and being forced to make decisions that could change everything, including to The Archived itself. We see her battle against her own nightmares in which Owen appears to torture her and kill her inside them, but then Mack begins to have mental gaps and she start to wake up with wounds in his body; and with the Archive more and more over her everything begins to become more and more complicated This time I feel that it has been much darker than the previous one, we have alot of suspense and mystery moments, where I was like: I feel that what differentiates this book from the previous one, is that in this one begins to questioning The Archived alot and the reason of its actions, which I found super interesting.

I enjoyed the most of the book, I would have liked to have more Da during the story, maybe in flashbacks, but even so I can't complain, the whole plot is told in a brilliant way and I feel that I probably enjoyed this second installment more due to that I already understand more this world and how it works, so it was easier to get into it than with the first one.

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Owen is the evil character, you know, the one who comes to create problems, and although we knew him in the first book as the good guy who earns the Mackenzie's trust, I think that this time, you see how he no longer conceals his evil and his true personality so I liked him more, it's a very good character.

He returns with this idea of being something like a "revolutionary" to change all the rules of the Archive, and with his incredible dialogues with Mack has won a very important place in this book. I also feel that he plants many doubts, lies and mysteries throughout the plot and this makes everything have that creepy vibe that I love! I'm very pleased with the Mackenzie's growth during The Unbound, I feel that in the end she has grown a lot and although I've always known that she's brave, this time she really has shown that she can fend for herself.

I have been able to see her in a more human and sensitive way than she was before, I think this change is a good thing because it makes me feel even closer to her I have to confess that Mack's relationship with Wesley isn't my favorite, I feel somewhat disoriented by the way they come and go, and eventually I get tired, I really don't get it lol. In this book I feel that Wesley is left aside and has been almost irrelevant, his presence wasn't indispensable according to my point of view and sometimes even I forgot that he was there, and although I liked him in the first book, I feel that definitely he's not one of my favorite characters We have the integration of many new characters that contribute a lot to the plot, I feel that, as I said in the previous review of the first book, the secondary characters are splendid, I love them, I find them super diverse and entertaining, also their personal stories are very well told.

There's a lot of family drama in this installment, and I still don't know how I feel about Mack's mother, sometimes I don't understand her behavior. Also we'll see how the world of the Archive begins to mix much more with the real world and although that makes that we see our main character lie even more, I feel that it has gone great and it gives much adrenaline and all this agreed with the creepy scenes was amazing!. I want to emphasize as always the Victoria Schwab writing style, so good! It's a shame that there are no more books of the saga, I'm crazy to continue reading about this world, I also thought that the end has been too open and I think the story deserves a better closure I highly recommend these books if you're looking for a fast, entertaining, dark and action-packed reading, also the characters are incredible Nov 06, Phrynne rated it it was amazing.

I enjoyed The Archived so much I had to move on quickly to its sequel. There's always a danger that the second book in a series does not match up to the first but this one does. It actually reminded me a lot of Twilight since our heroine starts a new school and immediately gets herself into a bit of a love triangle. However the action outside the school quickly picks up and the last part of the book races to a dramatic and very satisfying climax.

I am now in that awful position of waiting for th I enjoyed The Archived so much I had to move on quickly to its sequel.

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I am now in that awful position of waiting for the next book to be published. I knew I should not have started reading them until they were all out! View all 4 comments. Dec 14, Sydney Chapters rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series is so unique, action-pack, humorous, and it keeps you on your toes. Although, because not many have experienced this amazing book, I feel special for being a part of the small few: Wes is a very pretty excuse.

Nov 07, Melodramaticfool rated it it was amazing Shelves: No sequel trauma here! Back with our independent heroine Mac, we start off with a new beginning, a new territory: Mackenzie is trying to cope with the trauma she experienced in the previous book with Owen, while attempting to take control of her life. Easier said than done in her case. She finds it of course difficult since she suffers from morbid night terrors involving Owen that start to bleed into her waking life making her wonder if she's slowly going insane.

What's e No sequel trauma here! What's especially difficult is that she can't show weaknesses right now since her job as a Keeper has been put on the line. To add to the mystery and chaos of it all people are disappearing and their only connection is to Mackenzie. The Unbound round house kicked me in the face with awesomeness.

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We get more character development, more action, more mystery, and more layers of the "Archive" onion peeled away to reveal that there is more to this library of the dead than we could have ever hoped for For fellow Mac and Wes fans, I'm pleased to announce that they grow much closer in this book! Once again, I'm left dying for the next in the series, because everything was raw and intense. You feel Mac's pain, anxiety, and terror throughout the book and the ending leaves such promise for the third.

I like the matching theme!! Jan 17, Steph Sinclair rated it really liked it Shelves: While I do think I enjoyed The Archived a tiny bit better than The Unbound, this was still up there as a tightly-plotted and well-written book. The best thing about both books is that the mystery is really solid.

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My mind was constantly trying to figure out who the bad guy was or how things would turn out in the end, but it surprised me. Also, more Wesley FTW! I understand why she held back, but I felt very frustrated when he obviously wanted to help. At the same time, he was holding back from her and it looked like a convenient and deliberate attempt to give the romance tension.

Man, I hate when that happens. View all 14 comments. Jan 28, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: The latter half of The Unbound was quite good, unfortunately the first half was a struggle to get through as nothing really happened except the main character whining non-stop about her life. Mackenzie is a Keeper, she finds Histories escaped ghosts of sorts and returns them to the Archive where they're kept.

In this one Mackenzie starts her new school. And then people go missing, she thinks it has to 2. And then people go missing, she thinks it has to do with her as she was the last person to see them, naturally she investigates. She acted like she was so speshul and unique in her suffering, and that no-one could possibly understand her, her 'woe is me' attitude was off putting.

I didn't expect her to be chipper and upbeat after everything that happened to her but I expected some moments of lightness to break the monotony of her moaning. Pretty much all her thoughts were depressing, self-pitying, and dull… It made it difficult to connect to her. She still whinged quite a bit but because there was other stuff going on it was easy to overlook her whining.

I loved when Owen made an appearance and caused lots of chaos, the plot finally kicked in and Mackenzie took action and stopped being quite so insufferable. Yea, I didn't buy his connection or supposed love for Mackenzie when he was flirting around and seemed to have lots of past relationships. I was hoping that for once the hero would be a normal guy instead of some charming manslut who had girls falling all over him.

Wesley stood out more in the first book, in this one he was just the typical, run of the mill, YA manslut hero. That would have been fine if her mum was bad but she wasn't, she was loving and wanted the best for her.

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It pissed me off especially because it was clear that she worshipped her granddad and dad, no matter what they did. Her mum on the other hand she kept judging and looking down on. He was so pathetic the way he refused to share anything about his home life or past. I could understand her hating her at the end after she caused her so much trouble but before that Mackenzie had done nothing directly to her.

I really didn't get why she had a problem with Mac when she didn't even know her. She had such an attitude problem. Did she like Wesley or something? I hope not, he already seemed to have every girl fawning over him, Safia fancying him would make him look like even more of a Gary Stu. Mackenzie's parents were very present in her life and they actually acted realistically. No doubt she'll use that in the next book if there is one. All in all, I wasn't overly impressed - Mackenzie was hard to like and the plot was mostly boring until Owen showed up.

Even though I enjoyed the ending it didn't make up for the rest of the book. View all 3 comments. Apr 09, Ronda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other than that Oathen was a great YA novel I think, being 48 and all. My review of The Wicked Heroine. There is no explicit sex nor explicit violence. Neither are the novels overly dark.

She makes her choices and faces the consequences of those. Sometimes those consequences are other people being hurt while at other times she is the one getting hurt. As I kept on reading about Meena, I found I liked her more and more. He has the best pranks but understands very little about other people. Maybe he is the one who goes through the most personal changes. February 14, - Published on Amazon. The book was a great read but it just didn't fit what I felt the author was trying to do. She was constantly antihero not a nice world and then give it the fairy tale happy ending still.

Of course that depends on the reader.

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