The First and Final Commandment

A powerful challenge to conventional Judeo-Christian theology, The First and Final Commandment combines the author's two books, MisGod'ed and God'ed.
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The First and Final Commandment by Laurence B Brown (Paperback / softback)

Waters of the Exodus Nathalie Lacoste. Doing Jewish Theology Neil Gillman. Bad Rabbi Eddy Portnoy. From Eden to Exile Eric H. The Holocaust Laurence Rees. The Sabbath Abraham Joshua Heschel. Do you love your neighbor as you love yourself?

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Honestly consider how well you keep the following commandments: Each role comes with responsibility. Children are to honor their parents through obedience and parents are to raise their children according to the loving instruction of Christ. The fifth commandment emphasizes the responsibility of children to their parents. The fifth commandment is reflected in the third.

If you ought to respect your heavenly Father to the degree that you dare not speak his name in vain, is it right for you to dishonor your earthly father? Though your earthly father and mother are imperfect sinners, you ought to show respect for God by respecting your parents. Murder proceeds from the heart Matthew If you hate someone or slander them you are in danger of the same punishment that could be brought against a murderer Matthew 5: The second commandment guarantees that the only legitimate image-bearer of God is a human being.

If you take it into your own hands to murder or even hate an image-bearer of God, you are indeed committing a terrible sin. While adultery most terribly manifests itself through physical acts, Jesus once again teaches that this sin has its origin in the heart.

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God often accuses his people of spiritual adultery as they worship other gods in violation of the first commandment e. These are serious accusations!

The First and Great Commandment, Jeffrey R. Holland--My Edit :)

Paul teaches that marriage is designed to reflect the relationship between Christ and his church. Therefore, you should not defile the pure purpose of marriage nor harm other people by yielding to your own selfish lust.

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Do you seek that which is not rightfully yours through deceit or by force? Why would you steal, when God has promised to provide for your daily needs? You should follow his loving example and seek to give rather than take. You may not consider yourself a liar, but do you work ruin with a flattering tongue? Do you overly criticize or misrepresent other people? Rather than reflecting the nature of God, such behavior reflects the nature of Satan!

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Instead of following the footsteps of Satan you should walk in the way of Jesus. He came to tell the truth John 8: Jesus does not accuse or misrepresent, but advocates for his brethren before the throne of God.

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Reflect the nature of Christ in your life. Put away a lying tongue, and speak truth to the benefit of your neighbor. Yet a covetous man never obtains the material satisfaction he desires.

When King David brought the wife of Uriah into his home, he also brought the curse of God upon himself 2 Samuel Though King Ahab murdered Naboth in order to obtain his vineyard, God pronounced that Ahab would soon join Naboth in the grave 1 King However, David and Ahab show us that no one is free from the sinful inclination to covet. In fact, Paul equates covetousness with the violation of the first commandment!

God promises never to leave you nor forsake you, so you should be content with what you have rather than harbor a covetous attitude Hebrews