Screwing Up Time (The Screwing Up Time Series Book 1)

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May 18, Bee rated it it was amazing. This can't be the last book?! In the last paragraph it said "to be continued". Can someone confirm that for me? This series grew on me. Naomi deserves better than that him ".. I'm just not into the "insta-love" in books, but Trey went through so much in this series I didn't mind it at all. Great book, great series! You won't be disappointed.. Every time I read a book in this series i get caught out by the cliffhanger, even though I should know better! I'm usually so absorbed in the story it hits me out of nowhere.

I love all the characters in this series and Treyjan is no exception. This story is definitely a bit different and I hope the next book is out soon. Jun 07, Christie Mills rated it liked it. The book was very good. This book is not complete and the follow up was not released within 3 months as also promised. As long as it took to complete Hard Rock Roots, I would not have ordered this book if I had read the other reviews and known it was not complete! Jan 24, Lyndsey Wharton rated it liked it. I did enjoy Netty and Trey's story and of course expected a cliffhanger.

However what I didn't expect were so many errors, misused words and the mix up of words like the author rushed to get this book out for readers but didn't get a thorough edit. May 04, Paula rated it really liked it. Jul 22, Josalynn rated it liked it. Really liked it but says it's a stand-alone Feb 04, Coralee Corrigan rated it it was amazing.

Amazing read and series. Aug 30, Melissa Christenson rated it it was amazing. Holy Cliff Hanger Stunich!!! Omg Treyjans book was awesome! I flove your Hard Rock Roots series so much and the books never disappoint. Anyone who hasn't read them needs to! Oct 11, Michelle Seaman rated it it was amazing. Can't wait for the next one!!! Aug 11, Jennifer Cifka bozzo rated it really liked it. I am fascinated with polygamists. Big Love one of the best shows ever.

May 15, Etiene rated it really liked it. Jan 19, Darlene rated it liked it. I want to read but it not available on kobo? Angelica rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Gemma rated it liked it Aug 13, Emma Chase went all the way out in this story. After Nick and Livvy accounted with each other, they began to get closer and closer. The sexual chemistry and their lust is one that I honestly cannot describe. Emma does such a marvelous job when she writes these scenes. She has a good spice of everything; the love, the chemistry, the good amount of words dirty and flirty and the perfect description of how things function.

Its all just miraculous incredible when you read it, and you can honestly feel it. Her writing is exceptional at a level you do not expect coming, and when you start reading this book you honestly cannot put it down. Even though Olivia and Nick have a short amount of time together, and spend their summer adoring each other, do they really have ENOUGH time to admire everything they want from each other? What happens afterwards when their time is up? View all 18 comments. The Prince and Me just got dirty. Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty…royalty is forever.

And the cherry on top? A dirty-mouthed, gorgeously wicked yet adorable male lead. With these in mind, allow me to introdu The Prince and Me just got dirty. With these in mind, allow me to introduce you to his Royal Hotness, Prince Nicholas. You can imagine how this story goes. Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl named Olivia, a waitress who gave up her dreams in order to care for her family. And one day, she met him. The result was scorching tension. But when the whole world is watching, when the future of a nation depends on you, do you really have the luxury to follow your heart?

Do happily ever afters exist outside fairytales and Disney movies? Between New York hotels and lavish palaces, fancy balls and scheming nobles, Olivia and Nicholas are about to find out whether love is enough. With the cover it's so pretty I wanna cry. Olivia she's a rare girl, a girl whose choices are not stupid, who doesn't mess up and never causes unnecessary drama.

Nicholas for obvious reasons. Nicholas' accent yeah yeah I know I can't actually hear him, but his voice is melody to my ears. The setting one day I'm going to live in a palace, just wait and see. The plotline who doesn't love modern fairytales? The funny scenes no I did not snort, that's a lie.

The steamy scenes the gloriously filthy ones that made my ovaries explode. The painful scenes masochist alert. I'm in love with everything. In order to help you understand the reactions Royally Screwed evoked, here is a quick quiz. Please tell me we had at least one answer in common, it will make me feel that perhaps I don't need therapy or that we all need so I'll see you there. Girl on the bus Royally Screwed edition 1 You're commuting to work, and it's the only time you can dedicate to books.

What do you read?

Broken and Screwed

This way you'll enjoy it without embarassing yourself. Eventually, you turn into a pile of mush that will take days to clean. Have you fallen in love with Emma Chase yet? View all 33 comments. This story utterly and completely swept me off my feet!! She brought to life one of my childhood fantasies within the pages of this enchanting book!! Prince Nicholas Pembroke will be melting many panties and hearts within the reading community!!

Prince Nicholas Pembroke of Wessco has been living the life of a playboy for quite some time. But Nicholas is about to be delivered an ultimatum by his grandmother, the Queen of Wessco. Their government is in near chaos because the state of the economy is dwindling and the citizens of Wessco are in an uproar. Most want to take away the power that the royals have over government affairs.

The Queen and some constituents are demanding that Prince Nicholas should marry soon, and according to custom, she must be of royal lineage or a born citizen of Wessco. He takes off for New York City, where he plans to live his life to the fullest during the last five months of his freedom. Being the dutiful daughter, she took over running the business and also managed to take care of her younger sister.

I Hope I Screw This Up

With all of the responsibilities she has had to shoulder, her love life has been non-existent since her senior year of high school. Nicholas and Olivia soon get swept up in a whirlwind romance and when duty calls for him to return to Wessco earlier than planned, he asks Olivia to come with him. As you can imagine Liv will meet some less than friendly people who will treat and view her as a gold digging whore and then there are some who will see her for the truly genuine and beautiful person that she is on the inside and out. Nicholas and Liv are becoming to mean so much more to each other and as their five months are almost coming to an end the question is — can they walk away from each other when the time comes?

I want so much more of Nicholas and Olivia. I loved the epilogue but it left me wanting to get more of these amazing characters!! One can hope anyways…right??!! Go on and one-click!! View all 42 comments. Oct 27, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: Emma Chase and Drew won my heart in "Tangled" and it was an amazing ride for me, and one of my most enjoyable reads, because the lines were so original and hilarious.

Now it was Nicholas time to steal my heart and boy he " And we'll never be royals It don't run in our blood That kind of lux just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz Let me be your ruler You can call me queen bee And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule Let me live that fantasy " A fantasy it was indeed.. Now it was Nicholas time to steal my heart and boy he did it in a royally style. Ever needed a book to take you far away from reality, in a place where princes and perfection existed?

This book will take you there, and you will enjoy every minute of it. When I say fantasy, I say a girl's dream becoming true when meeting her Prince Charming. The one that will love her no matter what, put her first and give her the world. Yes, this was it!! For pages I managed to escape reality in such a sweet manner and this love story broke my heart and rebuilt it because it felt so real, even when I was aware that everything was fiction and that this things are not possible to happen in real life.

The story was amazingly written and although a little too perfect, it felt real, as I said before. We find our prince, Nicholas, being in a difficult mission, ruling a country after his parents died. He is the perfect example of following the rules, without asking his heart's permission. Everything for him is written by his countries laws and duty to his people.

Love is not in this equation, even his marriage has to be a convenience one, a royalty fit, so that alliances can be made. Until, one day, he goes in search of his younger brother and finds Olivia in a cafeteria. She has no idea who he is, and this gives her an advantage to see Nicholas, as a man, not as a prince, and give him the well deserved pie in his face..

Olivia and Nicholas were in a perfect antithesis: Every time you put them together, you can see the difference, but despite that, Olivia was the only one who could see him as a person, with feelings, qualities and flaws. She gave him a little glimpse of what is like to be free, to not care about what everybody says about him and be true to himself.

Nicholas on the other hand, has some issues expressing his true feelings, because having a mask all his life, makes things difficult for him. He managed to feel, due to Olivia, but has a long way ahead of him in breaking the rules for what he wants. Will he leave his duties behind and take a chance for the woman that stole his heart? I'll be waiting; all that's left to do is run. You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess, It's a love story, baby, just say "Yes" " I will let you discover the rest of the story, because it is packed with amazing twist and events that will leave you breathless.

It will be worthy every page and our spent reading it. The love scenes are amazing and steamy and HOT. The "shaving scene " was for me the sexiest scene of I love it and wow.. I've read it 4 times and just lingered on the words.. I love how they enjoyed every moment together, how they savored their love until the last drop, but I was kind of sad as well, because maybe this things can happen in real life, and it is not fair to put anything in front of your own feelings.

I really felt their desperation and it broke my heart. Emma Chase I love you for writing this book, for your trademark humor , your amazing style and your ability to make a fantasy love story so real and deep. I am looking forward to Henry's book, I want to discover him more and see if the person who wins his heart can tame him and understand his turmoil.

For more reviews please check https: View all 47 comments. Sep 07, Katy Evans rated it it was amazing. The most sexy, funny, irreverent, delicious love story on my shelf, and my absolute favorite Emma Chase book to date! Oct 12, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it really liked it Shelves: While visiting the states, Prince Nicholas drunkenly wanders into a pie shop where he meets Olivia, a beauty who doesn't recognize him and spurs his advances.

Armed with wit and a sharped tongue, Olivia is at first appalled by the handsome foreigner 4. Armed with wit and a sharped tongue, Olivia is at first appalled by the handsome foreigner. But when he keeps coming by, she can see that there is more to him than she initially thought. The two embark on a whirlwind romance, but Nicholas has royal obligations and Olivia needs to help keep her family together.

Broken and Screwed (BS, #1) by Tijan

But both of them have fallen for each other, and must decide whether or not to hang onto what they have, or let it go forever. This book was SO. I'm not normally one for sweet and fairy tale like romances, but this one swept me off my feet and kept me entertained until the very end! I loved reading about Nicholas and Olivia and their beautiful love story. Not once did it feel like instalove for me, and I found myself laughing out loud while reading this book and at other times wiping away rogue tears. If you are already an Emma Chase fan, you will love this book. If you haven't read one of her books until now, you will be charmed by this one and will beg for more.

View all 26 comments. Oct 22, Pearl Angeli rated it liked it Shelves: I buddyread this book with the amazing Bea. Check her review by clicking her name.

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Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook. By the sound of his name you already know your heart is about to pop out of your chest and go crazy. Because he is indeed such a swoon-worthy royal character. And perhaps the prospect of reading about a prince being labeled His Royal Hotness is the main reason why I "Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty And perhaps the prospect of reading about a prince being labeled His Royal Hotness is the main reason why I was drawn into this book.

Told in alternating POVs between the main characters, Royally Screwed gives us a view of what modern day royalty romance novel is like. I haven't read a lot of books that fall into this category because mostly I used to devour historical romances-- with are about dukes and princes and lords which I loved and missed, by the way so starting this book kind of thrilled me.

But apparently this book was not perfect for me.

  • Jarbalo-6 Months on the Farm: A 13 year old girl caught up in a culture totally foreign to her and w!
  • Royally Screwed (Royally, #1) by Emma Chase.
  • Similar authors to follow!
  • Gods Secret Desire.
  • On Rough Seas.
  • Like most Emma Chase's books where the male leads don't fail to entertain with their hilarious and naughty POVs, Prince Nicholas is no different. And I guess that's the problem. I wanted him to be a little bit different to Emma Chase's previous characters. I wanted to meet a hero that is, in a way, refreshing.

    Cocky, flirtatious, and somewhat always horny lol , he is Drew Evans. While in the US, he accidentally met a beautiful commoner named Olivia "Liv" Hammond who works as a waitress in a cafe. The prince developed insta-attraction to Olivia. Even though he was drunk that time, he was well aware that the woman has gorgeous curves and luscious mouth. Eventually they went out together and managed to avoid media and They however made a deal that their hook-up will never last because Nicholas is about to get marry to some royal girl in Wessco.

    See a Problem?

    You can basically imagine the conflict here. Being in love with a man with a power and wealth-- it's too overwhelming for Olivia. And being attached to a commoner -- Nicholas is royally screwed. And scared for Olivia. What if the Queen will not like her? What if she will be criticized by the people in Wessco? So many reasons to feel anxious.

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    I did enjoy the thrill the plot brought me. But my main reason for not rating this book higher than 3 stars is both the main characters. I didn't like the way he came up with a resolution to their conflict. For me it was kind of stupid and uncaring. As for Olivia, I really hoped she had it in her to say "no" sometimes and not "yes" all the time whenever Nicholas asks her for anything. A little bit of playing hard to get and having Nicholas exert an effort wouldn't hurt, right?

    The ending, however, brought a smile to my face. It was sweet despite the fact that it's also a bit predictable. But I liked how it ended in a way that everyone was happy. There's still one character who badly needs his own piece of happily ever after. I'm looking at you, Prince Henry. I'm so excited to read his story in the next book, Royally Matched. This should be fun! All in all, Royally Screwed was an alright read for me. I didn't hate it but at least I liked certain parts of it.

    Emma Chase continues to write such a fun, adorable smuttastic read. View all 49 comments. I am a total romance lover I am the ultimate romance fox!!!!! Happily Ever After is my motto!!!! So, imagine my excitement when I read some of my friends' reviews on Emma Chase's latest book I was beside myself!!!! This is a modern version of the classic fairytale Waitress Olivia Hammond from Manhattan is swept off her feet by a real prince and steals his heart for eternity It's the stuff that dreams are made of Nicholas Arthur Fre 4,5 stars It's a known fact This story was totally addictive.

    I couldn't get enough of these endearing, intriguing and engaging characters I liked that the love story takes place over a period of time and it wasn't the type of insta-love and let's ride off into the sunset kind of story. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes in the life of a Prince and his family and friends. The intrigue, politics and scheming in court life felt very real and believable. And just as I have always known LOVE always wins in the end View all 11 comments. Review at Of Pens and Pages I can't resist love stories about princes and commoners, so the only way you could have stopped me from reading Royally Screwed is to physically restrain me or something morbid——like maybe poke my eye out.

    There have been hundreds——maybe even thousands ——of rags-to-riches love stories, but if you give me a new one to read, I will do it and will most likely love it with every fibre of my being. The hopeless romantic and Emma Chase fan in me could not resist this 4 stars! The hopeless romantic and Emma Chase fan in me could not resist this newest standalone book. Olivia and Nicholas have come from two different worlds. Olivia Hammond lives and breathes for her family in New York by making sure Amelia's, the family business, stays afloat. She starts her day early to make pies, and ends it late to close the cafe.

    His first duty is for the queen, his grandmother Queen Leonora, and the second for Wessco. Dispute in Parliament and lack of more reputable heirs bring in fear of the abdication of the royal family. Now, Prince Nicholas is given a new task of finding a wife, and he has to relinquish is bachelorhood in five months.

    First, he needs to fly to New York to find his wayward younger brother, Prince Henry. And he's going to enjoy his last days as a bachelor before he gives up his freedom for the crown. When Nicholas and Olivia first meet, he didn't leave the best first impression, but Olivia certainly did. I mean, I think it's pretty hard to forget a gorgeous woman who rejects your indecent——and drunken——proposition, and throws pie in your face. Not that it's hard to forget a man who offers you ten grand for a romp in the sheets, of course, but yes.

    Despite the disaster that was the first meeting, the two are still drawn to each other. They know they have a time limit, but they'll do their best to spend their remaining months together in bliss. But Olivia realizes that falling in love with the prince isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

    The first meeting, for one. He's charming, confident, a little arrogant, and perpetually horny. I would have wanted someone more different, and I'm placing my money on Prince Henry. I love the side-characters! We were given different descriptions of Franny——Simon, Franny's husband, is madly in love with her, while Nicholas isn't exactly a fan.

    Prince Henry is a seemingly-happy-go-lucky bloke who has ghosts haunting him. He reminds me so much of an endearingly annoying little brother, and I really want to read more about him. Royally Screwed made me laugh, swoon, cry, and feel excited for the next books to come. All in all, Royally Screwed had the humor, charm, and heat I've loved in Emma Chase's books, with the pleasant addition of princes, palaces, and grand gestures.

    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram View all 19 comments. You'd think this book would be as amazing as that dude chilling on the bed looking I hate being fooled because NO.

    How Falling In Love with Your Fears Can Change the World

    I swear, there was so much pointless shit that could be summed up into 1 sentence. It was an eighteenth birthday gift from the King of Genovia. It's a four column, gleaming piece of art, hand-carved in the sixteenth century from one massive piece of Brazilian mahogany. My mattress is stuffed with the softest Hungarian goose feathers, my Eygptian cotton sheets have a thread count so high that it's illegal in some parts in the world.

    I love my bed but like chill. A bed is a bed. If y'all ever see me going into a lecture of my bed then feel free to smack me. No hard feelings because I'd want to smack myself. Honestly, I love how the cover of the book is the guy on the bed ahahhahahahahah the love is real. This is where I started to realize I was so done with this book. I couldn't even anymore because of this one line. Sometimes I'm so full of shit my eyes could turn brown. And, it might be for the best. I'm going to be honest when I say that I had to sit down and think about that certain line for a while.

    Is he saying that he's so full of shit that his eyes could turn brown??? Using self-deprecating personal stories, hilarious observations on life, and poorly drawn illustrations, Kyle unravels the deepest issues standing between us and emotional freedom. From discovering the never-ending opportunities that come from playing—and going with whatever comes up in the moment—to learning to let go of what feels heavy in our lives, this book is a journey into the endless possibility that can appear if we just dare to let go of our fear of screwing up.

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