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I had rushed in the house with the newspaper, excitedly shouting “look we're at war.” The words on the front of the newspaper were so large that they took up the .
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But given Cawley's comments, my final conclusion is:. He was there, but didn't take part in the killings. However, he believes he did as he has such a horrific view of himself as nothing but a killer after taking the life of Dolores, his wife.

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However, there were three children and so the answer has been updated. I choose to believe that he has false memories of Dachau as he views the actions being performed there as particularly horrific. To confirm that he has false memories I noticed that the concentration camp that Scorsese shows is not the one in Dachau.

OK, so I watched the movie this week and I've been searching crazy for things about it. I found a video that explains this.

Crawley confirmed it, but most of his memories of the episode were probably false. Mahler was a Jewish composer, so he would be banned in Nazi Germany.

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The thing is, during the time the movie is set, the specific quartet that he listens was missing. That piece was only found in the s after even the time the main plot happens, but I think that might be a goof. Anyway, the video I saw says that this might be 1 a sign that this memory wasn't real, and 2 an allegory to Teddy Daniels trying to find his missing piece.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. What is the meaning of Teddy's memories of Dachau? Cawley even says You were at Dachau, but you may not have killed any guards.

Paraphrasing from the previous answer: But given Cawley's comments, my final conclusion is: The retaliation angle is indeed quite fitting, I hadn't considered this. But it really ties in well with him killing his wife in retaliation for her horrible deeds and not forgiving himself both the killing of her and the unability to prevent her deeds in the first place. And I think to remember that he once imagined his daughter on one of the corpse piles, which would fit equally well.

After all it plays out quite nicely now that you say it. I guess sometimes one just can't see the wood for the tress which is to some degree to blame on the movie's deliberate confusedness, though. I spent a lot of time researching this movie online after I was finished to plug the gaps. The only film I think I've ever researched as much as this one was Mulholland Drive , which totally baffled me. I love Shutter Island , but it's totally bizarre at points.

NapoleonWilson Why are you guys assuming he killed his wife in retaliation? He didn't show any desire to kill her.

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Quite the opposite, in fact. I'd say he did it out of both mercy and guilt. Mercy, because he knew she'd be imprisoned and executed anyway. And guilt, because he blames himself, so it's his "mess to clean up," so to speak. Take look at the gate: After their minute talk, Roosevelt left in a whirlwind of handshakes and backslaps with longtime White House employees.

Roosevelt talked up his plans to ride again.

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Secretary of War Newton D. Two days later, on April 12, Roosevelt started lobbying Congress to pass legislation allowing volunteer divisions to fight in Europe. He wrote to the chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee that privately organized divisions could get the U. Future president Warren G. Harding, then a U.

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By early May, 2, men a day were writing to Roosevelt, offering to volunteer. Parker , and frontier marshal Seth Bullock. But Wilson decided against it. After all, while what he says is outrageous in every particular, he does, I am afraid, keep within the law, for he is as careful as he is unscrupulous.

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And according to H. It gave him the power to conscript men ages 21 to 30 — and the option of calling up , volunteers. In an exceedingly polite statement issued after the signing, the president announced he would allow no special volunteer divisions in the war. The business now at hand is undramatic, practical, and of scientific definiteness and precision.


His sons Archie and Ted were wounded in battle, and his youngest son, Quentin, a pilot, was shot down and killed in July