they frame their own identities. in families for which the adoption process was dif- ficult or doubtful yet An estimated percent of children under 18 in the united States are adopted (riley and Van .. Joy mostly but not entirely displaces.
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As much as Marlene and I wanted to see home again, we had the heavy heart of uncertainty. But while we stuffed wrinkled shorts and dirty socks into our bags, Helen phoned with the results The DNA test proved Abbi had a twin. Not only a twin, but the doctors said that match was so close that they may be identical.

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Now the big question was, would the Chinese government let us adopt. Abbi was poked and probed for her Visa medical exam. Eyes teared up and cries rang out from all the newly adopted girls as they were checked for travel to America. The Gaungzhou clinic was about three-quarters of a mile from the hotel, so we had loaded up the strollers and paraded the babies down the streets to see the doctors.

With a clean bill of health it would be two more days of paperwork and then home. Meanwhile, Helen was back in Beijing working with the adoption officials to approve our adoption of Abbi's twin. She not only had to present the DNA evidence; she had to convince the government that we were qualified and willing to take home two girls.

Part of the equation was the sense of embarrassment at the Orphanage and the C. At all cost they would try to avoid "losing face". But with the evidence staring them in the face, Helen had to assure them that we were not bitter and that we understand that sometimes mistakes are made. Every morning back in St.

Louis, Chriss Bowman, a friend of Marlene's was receiving an email update on our twin surprise. Marlene spent evenings in the Hotel Business Center detailing our day and asking for prayer on our situation. Chriss would then forward our daily news out to friends and family. The story of Abbi's sister was cyber spaced all over the United States, as more and more people were added to the list. Eventually a transcript of our discovery hit the American Parents with Chinese Children web sight. Soon the adoption official who was monitoring this site back at the C.

The story being read by that broad an audience didn't sit too well with the PR minded government. This could complicate the matter for Helen working with those officials and maybe end our chance at getting Abbi's sister. Again our group is packing bags. This time to go home.

Once more, as departure is nearing, we get a call from Helen, " They have approved the adoption". She said it would take about only six additional days in Wuhan to finalize the paperwork for "sister". Everyone was more than anxious to reunite the twins from Huang Gang. Needless to say we were thrilled. This was the best possible scenario. Not only would the twins be back together it would take only one extra week in China. Even though we had faith that this adoption would work out, we agonized over how and when we would fly back to China and how we would afford it.

Money was still an issue; just less of one. As with Abbi's adoption we would need several thousand U. No ATM to bail us out. Members of our traveling group had prayed with us, encouraged us and followed the events over the past week very closely. Our exciting discovery of Abbi's twin was an emotional web that captured all who came close. So when they got the word that we were to fly back to Wuhan, our companions started to flood us with hundreds of dollars, clothes, toys and even a stroller. Everything we needed to take care of our newest daughter.

Friends for only two weeks, now friends for life. While Children's Hope in St. Louis was rearranging our travel, Helen was organizing the itinerary for the adoption and setting up a guide and transportation for us in Wuhan. She also would need updated paperwork from St. Louis faxed to us, then faxed to Beijing.

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  8. Late into Wednesday evening, less than tweleve hours before we would arrive in Wuhan, a province register was working on "Sister's" paperwork.. When it was completed, a friend of Helen's took them to the Wuhan train station for an overnight trip to Beijing. Helen would pick them up the next morning then usher them to the appropriate officials. In order for us to complete every part of the adoption process in six days, Helen along with C.

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    Adoption referrals generally take months after paperwork is submitted. Friday would be reunion day. The girls would be back together, this time for life. We have a new life to mold. Tiny soul, so sweet and new, the world was waiting just for you. With patience and faith we waited for our miracle. And now with love, we joyfully announce the arrival of our angel. Bottle, rattles and cute little socks.

    Lullabies, laughter and alphabet blocks Ten tiny fingers that always want to play, that never stop exploring the wonder of today. Ten tiny fingers that from the very start, will reach out for tomorrow, yet always hold your heart Oh, how our hearts have been stolen, oh, how our home has been blessed!

    Two more little hands Two more little feet Now our family is complete! Twinkle, twinkle little star Now we all know who you are! Another miracle has happened, so wonderful and true, a child has been given to us, so precious and so new! A little bit of heaven just came our way We welcome our second bundle of joy Someone special Someone dear Someone new to love is here! The nicest things come in small packages, wrapped in joy, filled with goodness and sent with love. Our little caboose has arrived Straight from Heaven into your heart a whole new life a whole new start.

    Adoption Announcement Wording Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. The love we feel is deep and real, as if it had been so. We added two hands and two feet to make our family complete. Our hearts whispered your name and God answered. God answered our prayers and gave us a precious little gift. A lifetime of loving begins. It is with great joy that we announce the adoption of Lovingly placed into the waiting arms of us. By choice we have become a family, first in our hearts and finally in breath and being.

    We were not separated at birth. It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other. The memories of childhood are like candles in a darkened room. We strive to illuminate yours with love. In my heart he was already my son. I simply had to bring him home. We waited for you against hope. We came for you with the greatest of hopes.

    You become a family not because you share the same genes, but because you share love for each other.

    God Hears Us: A Spiritual Adoption Miracle {Free Printable}

    Every day that I see your smile, you make me happy and it is Christmas. Dear Lord, I do not ask of you a noble calling or some wondrous task, I ask for a little hand to hold in mine. One gets only a day or two in an entire lifetime as incredible as the day we first saw your face. Twin Wording Twice as precious, twice as fun. We have been blessed with two, not instead of one!

    We are full of joy. Our four boot addition is a girl and a boy! We are pleased to announce the birth of our twins Double the trouble, double the fun. Our life with twins has just begun!

    God Hears Us: A Spiritual Adoption Miracle {Free Printable} - Prayer Wine Chocolate

    Twenty fingers, twenty toes, plenty of work heaven knows. Four little arms to hold tight, four little cheeks to kiss goodnight! Our home has expanded by four feet!

    But what is most important after all is said and done is that we are twice as happy for twins are twice the fun! Two miracles sent from above. A daughter and a son for all to love. Two special lives have just begun, two times the joy, two times the fun! We are proud to announce our two bundles of joy, one little girl and one little boy!

    Triplet Wording Three times the diapers, three times the bottles, one-third the sleep. Three times the smiles, three times the hugs, three times the love. Our home has expanded by six feet! Three times the love, three times the joy, introducing our three little boys! We had three little blessings their three hearts formed in love They are truly three previous gifts from up above!

    What a wonderful Surprise! We all started to cry. It was an incredible moment. I know she said 13 weeks and then the days were more than 7 — so I remember figuring out in my head that she was in her 14th week of pregnancy.

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    My son, still saying Mom over and over again, moved my face with his hands so that I would look at him. Anne opens her pocketbook, takes out two lollipops. One for my son, and one for her. It was an awesome moment, and I was smiling ear to ear and thanking her. Two days later I am in my kitchen sweeping. My jaw dropped, I got the chills and I probably said wow more than once. Could this be the baby we spiritually adopted? Would she name her Jaina? My husband, son and I continued to pray the Spiritual Adoption prayer every night after Grace before meals.

    I called Mary and asked. I reminded Mary about the Spiritual Adoption Prayer and how we were praying for a girl and that we named her. About a week later, Mary checked in with Anne through a text message. Jana was born healthy on February 15, I am so grateful and humbled that the Lord allowed me to have this experience. I am sure He gave me this experience knowing that I would tell anyone who will listen, and I will advocate and plea with you to spiritually adopt an unborn baby.

    This prayer saves lives. This prayer gives a mother hope. Will you join me and pray for an unborn baby? I encourage you to print it out, name the baby and hang it up on the fridge. I would love if you commented below — did you choose to adopt a boy or a girl? What name did you choose? This is an absolutely beautiful story of adoption! How cool to see God answer prayers specifically. Will you continue to pray for baby Jana?

    I do — informally throughout the day. We now do the Spiritual Adoption prayer after dinner for a baby boy but almost every night one of us say Jaina Therese because we are so used to praying for her! Do you mind if I translate it into Portuguese and share it at my blog? I live in Brazil, where abortion is mostly forbidden up until now, but the government is trying to make it legal.

    I would be honored if you shared it in Portuguese!! Thank you so much! If you want to check the Brazilian version, here is the link: Yes I would love to share this on CatholicMom. How do I go about doing that? Thank you so much for sending me the link — I will definitely check it out! Flavia — I need to contact you about the printable — the artist would like to help you with it — and our logos should still be on it. Can you email me at prayerwinechocolate gmail. I sent you an email yesterday. Did you get it? If not, you can reach me at flavia ghelardi. Thank you so much for responding so quickly!

    We, too, pray the Spiritual Adoption prayer every night and every morning, Over the years we have added names whenever the Spirit moved us to do so, so our list of babies is quite long and quite unique… keep in mind that some of these names were chosen by my children when they were younger- think pets and general silliness…! My daughter volunteers at the infant care center of a crisis pregnancy center near our home. There is a 3 year old little boy she knows from there. His name is Cloud. Someday, Jana will grow up to pray for the people who helped her mom make the right choice. I feel like it was His way of saying, "Amy.

    What a beautiful story. My husband left suddenly during the pregnancy of our last little guy.

    What a gift that baby now 6 years old! You are a great living testament to life!