Handshake: What the Great Do That Others Don’t

And seven other studies have shown that a handshake can improve the quality Shift anything you're holding to your left hand well in advance—you don't want.
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Walk around your office and shake hands with your colleagues. Practice introducing yourself in the elevator. Or, even try it out on your roommates or family. It may seem silly, but everyone can use more practice in the art of handshaking, and it just might help you seal the deal with a client or job position someday.

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Sales 1 Integrations HubSpot integrations with apps, tools, and software you use every day. Customer Stories Case Studies Reviews. Sign up for career advice, stories, opportunities, and more. You will almost have your index finger on their pulse—almost, but not quite. Once full contact is made, lock your thumb down and squeeze firmly, about as much as your partner does. Shake from your elbow not your wrist , about pumps.

Why Your Handshake Matters (and How to Get it Right)

You can linger for a moment if you want to convey particular warmth, then release and step back. Sound like a lot? It is, until you get the hang of it. Try practicing with friends or family—people who will give you truly candid feedback —particularly before a job interview or networking event. This grip may be a demonstration of machismo, but it could also be the result of a person genuinely unaware of his or her strength. Alternatively, some women have been taught that the stronger their grip, the more seriously they will be taken—and they clamp down as if their life depended on it.

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In this case, the hand is extended palm down—seems subtle, but it conveys the intention of having the upper hand in the interaction. Do the opposite; clutch the palm without squeezing so hard that it becomes painful for the other. Positive — grin or smile while shaking hands. A fake smile ruins the whole effect.

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Know when to let go — a good shake usually involves a palm squeeze and release, but be careful if the other person is too quick or too slow, which could lead to an awkward moment. Instead, with a confident reach, be first to engage and disengage.

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If your handshake is memorable, it is successfully building your personal brand. Encourages loyalty — a great handshake is one that makes people want to shake your hand again. Are you happy with your handshake?

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