Yemen: Background and U.S. Relations

In the years after the September 11, attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, .. U.S. Global Leadership Project Report - Gallup; Jump up ^ (11 February ), Jeremy Sharp, Yemen: Background and US Relations, p. 8 .
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Meanwhile, the legitimate Yemeni government re-established a presence in southern Yemen, including the port city of Aden. Amid rising tensions between the Houthis and ex-President Saleh, sporadic clashes erupted in mid, and Houthi forces killed Saleh in early December Beginning in June , Yemeni forces, supported by their Coalition partners, have sought to wrest control from Houthi forces occupying the port of Hudaydah on the Red Sea.

Embassy Sanaa suspended operations in February Ambassador to Yemen is Matthew H.

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Yemen maintains an embassy in the United States at Wyoming Ave. NW, Washington, DC tel: The ongoing conflict exacerbated already high levels of need in Yemen, pushing the country into a humanitarian crisis.

Diplomacy in Action

Government supports interventions including emergency food assistance, medical treatment and vaccination support for children, emergency obstetric services for women, blankets and household goods for displaced families, and hygiene kits and water treatment supplies to reduce the spread of disease.

USAID also supports a small number of health, education, and livelihoods early recovery assistance activities seek to help households and social service delivery systems cope with the effects of the conflict and prepare for the post-conflict recovery. However, the insecure operating environment and ongoing bureaucratic impediments continue to limit development programming.

The United States established diplomatic relations with the Imamate in A resident legation , later elevated to embassy status, was opened in Taiz the capital at the time on March 16, and moved to Sana'a in The United States was one of the first countries to recognize the Yemen Arab Republic , doing so on December 19, Secretary of State William P. However, relations were strained. The PDRY was placed on the list of nations that support terrorism.

On October 24, , south Yemen formally broke diplomatic relations with the United States. The United States and the PDRY reestablished diplomatic relations on April 30, , only 3 weeks before the announcement of unification. However, the embassy in Aden , which closed in , was never reopened, and the PDRY as a political entity no longer exists. During a border conflict between the Yemen Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen , the United States cooperated with Saudi Arabia to greatly expand the security assistance program to the YAR by providing F-5 aircraft, tanks, vehicles and training.

From to , the United States provided the YAR with assistance in the agriculture, education, and health and water sectors. Many Yemenis were sent on US government scholarships to study in the region and in the United States. There was a Peace Corps program with about 50 volunteers.

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In , as a result of Yemen's actions in the UN Security Council following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait , the United States drastically reduced its presence in Yemen including canceling all military cooperation, non-humanitarian assistance, and the Peace Corps program. President Saleh returned to Washington in June when he was invited to attend the G-8 Sea Island Summit and agreed to participate in future activities detailed in the Sea Island charter. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Yemen also received significant funding from the Middle East Partnership Initiative.

Funds went, in large part, to support literacy projects, election monitoring, training for civil society, and the improvement of electoral procedures.

U.S. Department of State

Defense relations between Yemen and the United States improved rapidly, with the resumption of International Military Education and Training assistance and the transfer of military equipment and spare parts. In FY U. On July 29, , responding to violent protests in Yemen, the World Bank suspended disbursement of funds promised by international donors at a conference in Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi. After months of civil conflict, Houthi rebels took control of the northern part of Yemen at the start of , the besieged President Hadi resigned, and the government collapsed.

Embassy closed in February and embassy personnel were evacuated.

Why Do Saudi Arabia And Iran Hate Each Other?

Section Authority is a Department of Defense account designed to provide equipment, supplies, or training to foreign national military forces engaged in counter-terrorist operations. Yemen became eligible to reapply in November and had its eligibility reinstated in February , nearly six months after it held what some observers described as a relatively successful presidential election. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, , the Yemeni government became more forthcoming in its cooperation with the U.

President Saleh reportedly has allowed small groups of U. According to press articles quoting U.

According to the U. Current law as applied to counterterrorism was weak. Article 44 of the constitution states that a Yemeni national may not be extradited to a foreign authority.

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Before his incarceration, Elbaneh was free in Sana'a despite his conviction for his involvement in the attack French tanker Limburg and other attacks against Yemeni oil installations. S Security Assistance Funding.

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  6. As of November , Yemeni prisoners were still being held at the U. Among this group, four men have been charged; two have been convicted in military commissions and two are charged with war crimes for participation in the September 11, , terrorist attacks. According to one report, "The remaining 97 are an eclectic group of intentional unrepentant combatants and accidental warriors Yet separating the detainees into two groups and determining where different individuals fall on a spectrum of past and potential violence is a nearly impossible task.

    He was returned to Yemen and subsequently released after serving the remainder of his sentence. Among those held at Guantanamo who have not been charged are the brother of the deputy commander of Al Qaeda in Yemen. What to do with the remaining Yemeni prisoners is a subject of debate within the United States government.

    Publication – Center for Security Studies | ETH Zurich

    The Yemeni government has often not kept known terrorists incarcerated, as President Saleh has instead opted to negotiate with hardened militants in order to use them against more lethal Jihadists or to secure pacts of non-belligerence from Al Qaeda affiliates. On January 22, , President Obama signed a series of executive orders to close the U.

    The Yemeni government pressed U.